No, only one of us is in the right, and you should be aware by now I do not rely on my own thoughts and reasoning, as you are doing, I rely on biblical understanding of context and very critical hermeneutics and or exegesis, I rely on historical facts and information of which the early Church followed that derive from the Bible itself, outside of the Bible, I rely on actual Christology of the Abrahamic faiths and understanding of where they come from and capable of distinguishing the truth and the accursed, as with what is true and what is false, and it should occur to you by now of how I am, granted of where I originated from since I already told you, they are quite the strict one among us also. Now, the things that are products of Satan are the exploitation of man’s imperfection. There is war, sickness, death, and all kinds of violence. Satan’s influence is also responsible for the twisting of biblical teachings and or doctrines that is not of early church origin, the teaching that Jesus is God or the fact God suddenly is in full acceptance of what Molech worshippers practice. Satan has also tampered the scriptures in the past, 16th century, since the attempt failed in the 4th century, but later on, present day, we have people justifying the uninspired, saying Jesus saved an Adulterous woman is truth, to say the drinking of poison and not dying is truth when in reality, none of these passages originates from the oldest source that is the Septuagint. People can be corrupt, and or corrupt others by means of influence and or action, such ones are also being open and accepting brazen conduct, even to the point we now have publications in the shops that teach children that laying with someone of the same sex is okay, even worse, they teach young children that Sodomy is okay and how to do it. Man being driven to act out their impulses and or ill desire be it the killing, torture, abuse of others both young and old, in addition to taking advantage of those in order to get what they want. Every single day, this world continues to take a shovel and dig it’s grave even deeper, but among the Utopia of which Satan is in control of, there are good people who do their best to stay away from these things, those who are unaware are also do their best to stay away from trends that promote ill intent and or practices, such ones end up being taught that such things are taking place  in the world, by those who are influenced by Satan, is clearly something they should not be a part of. On the other side of the spectrum you have the occult. Now this is far more sinister outside of the US for there are parts of the world where Satan’s sole followers being demons can influence people, parts of the Caribbean it is said that evil spirits are able to manifest in some way, shape or form, and knowing my people and the culture, this is indeed true, and a Christian Youth Club paid for that only to escape being alive. From my experience and knowledge of such as well as being an islander, I and others know things that could be kept in the dark because it is deemed way too unreal. That being said, it is no question that Satan’s influence on people and their actions is ever so evident, but a day will come where he will be knocked off his throne that is the world and his influence will cease for good. Other than that, I still await on your response to your claim: "Because money is a product of Satan has the Bible indicates." ~ Srecko Sostar (July 18, 2018) Well, that remains to be seen. I can say right now that any translation can be used, but regardless, such information is not found, to change the matter into saying Satan is the god of this world, has nothing to do with the claim of your saying that money is a product of Satan. I call that hypocritical because you clearly see others in the Bible using money and the fact that Free Will Offering and voluntary donations by means of currency and or product is seen in both the Old and New Testament. You also see the fact of how the major temple in question, The Temple of Jerusalem operates regarding money donations vs. that of the practices of Pharisees, granted how large the temple is, Pharisees are around the vicinity at the time. You haven’t proven anything by using another verse to evade the first claim. That is because you truly do not understand what is being said, I chose this fact specifically which includes those verses. Context is key, understanding of passages is crucial. Matthew 23:23 tells us that in Jesus’ day, the actions of The Pharisees compared to those who do not do the same thing as they have done. Because they themselves assume to be doing the God’s work when they gave a tenth of all that they had (10%), they are deemed hypocrites because showed a total disregard of the Law, putting into application that is not their own. It is known as to what the Pharisees were doing, hence the call out by Jesus, the Christians themselves of that day did not do this, as I said before, the tithe does not apply to Christians at all, for the tithe was a practice solely done by the Levites, excluding the people of Abraham’s day. This verse also paints a very good example what is stated in that fact that is is very obvious that the Pharisees, even scribes, were enemies to the gospel that Jesus teaches. Mark 12:41-44 – In this passage, Jesus is located, specifically, at the Temple of Jerusalem, the same Temple as to where he was speaking with and teaching the people. But the focus will be on this passage (which is also equal to the Luke’s witnesses as seen in the Gospel of Luke 21:1-4), the passages are identified as The Widow’s Mite (The Widow's Offering). Jesus himself goes to where they make offerings, donations of money to the Temple (Temple of Jerusalem) as to what he sat next down to was the Treasury Chest/Boxes (also known as Treasury Chambers), and there we see a widow making an offering to which Jesus gave her praise because she has donated as seen in verse 42, that what the widow has donated is far larger than the donations made by the rich and we can see the continuation of Jesus’ response in verses 43 and 44. The Widow gives two lepta, copper coins, the smallest amount at that time. Jesus contrasts her offering as the greater sacrifice because it is all she had, as opposed to the rich persons who only gave what was convenient. Her total sacrifice foreshadows Jesus' total sacrifice of his life via crucifixion. We also find out that Jesus even makes a response to those who speak of how expensive the Temple looks, granted of what was integrated within the vast temple itself , he also makes mention that a day will come where the temple itself, if reading the passage in the gospel of Luke (referencing Luke 19:44). Those who spoke of how expensive the temple was then questioned him, and here we see Jesus speak of what is to happen, what is to come. I am sure you are aware of what the First Temple, the Second Temple and the Third Temple is, as well as Jesus equaling such to the of another Temple – His body, The Body of Christ. The Temple of Jerusalem had Treasury Chests. In the ancient history of the Jews, it is said say that these chests and boxes, or receptacles (Treasury Chambers), were in the shape of and/or like horns or trumpets with small openings at the top of it. People donated various donations in them, pieces of coin, copper, etc.. The total amount of Treasury boxes found in such Temples amount to 13 around the walls of the court itself. Among the 13, it’s believed that the temple contained a primary treasury chest/box where the money donations from all other the treasury chests was brought, being placed in the primary one. Granted on how big the Temple of Jerusalem was, it is no surprise that they would have this many. It is very obvious as to what they use the money for, to care for the temple itself, its people, feeding the poor and put into work of the gospel is being spread on to the people, for those who teach travel and do not travel empty handed. It should also occur to us that Jesus never hinted at His needs. Money that was given to Jesus and His disciples was held for the purposes already made known in the last sentence. Luke 8:1-3 – Granted that in some cases, the disciples had to have some form of currency, as well as food when traveling so this alone speaks for itself. Other times they had nothing at all, mainly when sent out in twos when they had nothing, no money, food, sandals, etc. (Luke 22:35-38). Especially later on in the ministry of spreading the gospel. It is also mentioned that such ones who travel with Jesus, and even Jesus himself is shown great hospitality. Clearly going from city to city, village to village was exhausting at times and you even read that even Jesus and his disciples at times have to rest, eat, replace worn sandals for new ones, etc. Money and food pouches were also carried around with them, Jesus is said to have given such to his followers who were traveling such as a knapsack and or moneybag, and it is clear as to where such resources originated from. The fact that you pulled this from Biblehub and not even bothering to look at the commentary for that verse below, further proves my point. You really do not look into the context of the verse. Also you do realize you can go to the verse in question and just pick from a translation, but rather, in your case, you did a top search and manage to get the Greek - understandable, because even the Greek shows you root words and where such words are use, therefore, being able to pinpoint where the temple tax laws originate from. The thing is friend, your view and understanding cannot be of your own, it has to be of the Bible and anything pertaining to such. You just made the claim you yield upon solely on your understanding and not of what the passage in the Bible says, that of which is the obvious, was this the same thinking that got you tricked by the whole sporting event thing? For if you understood this passages, you'd make mention of the lesson expressed here. Also remember, when you quote a verse, you provide the location of the verse, otherwise it does not sit well with you for some people. I can say God is the God of the dead as well and not say where it is in the Bible, people will look at me crazy and or do not get what I am saying. Therefore it is always best to mention the verse, quote it, then try to explain it. Now, the verse of which you speak (since you didn’t even address the location of that verse) is Matthew 17:27 However, not to give offense to them, go to the sea and cast a hook and take the first fish that comes up, and when you open its mouth you will find a shekel. Take that and give it to them for me and for yourself.” You make another claim and it will be addressed here: Jesus was not voluntary or by obligation participate in paying temple tax. What you fail to see in this passage is that Matthew 17:24-27 specifically, we read that Jesus told Peter to catch a fish, open its mouth and there he would find money to pay the Temple Tax. Jesus carried no money, as we can already see, hence the early days of his ministry, for Jesus’ man base of operation was Capernaum and there is where most of his disciples came from for it is their hometown. He looked to His Father in heaven to supply His needs and we see the Father doing just that. We see what this passage is says, there are men, religious leaders, who collect Temple Tax and confronted Peter. These men were trying to accuse Jesus for failing to pay taxes, even to the point attempting to prove Jesus’ disloyalty to the temple or His violation of the Law. The Law of the Jews: [The temple tax was required of Jewish males over age 20, and the money was used for the upkeep and maintenance of the temple. In Exodus 30:13–16, God told Moses to collect this tax at the time of the census taken in the wilderness. In 2 Kings 12:5–17 and Nehemiah 10:32–33, it seems the temple tax was paid annually, not just during a census. This half-shekel tax wasn’t a large sum of money, but roughly equivalent to two days’ wages. According to the tractate Shekalim in the Talmud, the temple tax was collected during one of the Jewish festivals: Passover, Pentecost, or Tabernacles.] And you have proven yourself to no understand what is being said, let's continue: They asked Peter as to why his teacher does not pay the two drachmas regarding the Temple Tax. Now Jesus, back at the house, was already well aware of what has occurred. So instead of just waiting it out for Peter to this matter into conversation, Jesus tells Simon Peter what does he think of whom do the kings of the earth receive duties or head tax from, if either from their sons or from the strangers. Peter, in response said from the strangers. Jesus, being observant said the sons are tax free. We later see that a fish on a hook with a coin in its mouth for Jesus’ Father is the King of the earth and the One who is worshiped at the temple. He also points out that since the temple was His Father’s House, that he was exempt, therefore, God’s Son is not legally required to pay the Temple Tax because he is clearly part of his Father's House.It should be clear by now as to what Jesus had said long before he was an adult, in his childhood, he made acknoledgment to the House of His Father. Luke 2:48-51 - (48) And when his parents saw him, they were astonished. And his mother said to him, “Son, why have you treated us so? Behold, your father and I have been searching for you in great distress.” (49) And he said to them, “Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father's house?” (50) And they did not understand the saying that he spoke to them. (51) And he went down with them and came to Nazareth and was submissive to them. And his mother treasured up all these things in her heart. Fast forwarding to his adulthood and early days of his ministry, Jesus goes on to say to him to go to the sea, cast a fishhook, and take the first fish that comes up, and when you open its mouth, you will find a silver coin (stater, or tetradrachma) that just happens to be the correct amount for the temple tax. With this silver coin, Simon Peter is to take that and give it to them, the religious men who demanded the temple tax in the first place, not just for Simon Peter alone, but for him also – pretty much Peter paying the tax for the both of them. The temple tax passage regarding both Peter and Jesus teaches a valuable lesson. Christians are free, but they must sometimes relinquish their rights in order to uphold their witness and not cause others to stumble. True freedom is not serving ourselves but others. Galatians 5:13 - For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. Even before this chapter, we also learn about Jesus’ key thoughts on money, which is presented in the Sermon on the Mount. He says to invest in the life to come (Matthew 6:19-24). We do this through giving, not a set church-tax of ten percent of our income like that of what the Pharisees practice and or the Law of the Levites itself, but with an open heart. This just shows you clearly do not understand the fact that has been quoted [1] The legitimate use of money is by means of aiding in the doings of the Temple. The Jews were in application of a Law that Christians were not suppose to follow, thus the very reason as to why Jesus called them hypocrites. If you missed that point, you clearly did not understand as to why this fact points to this passage.   [2] I gave you lists to what a Beneficiary is in description and information on such, it would seem you have not even read as to what such information even the investors have put out. Perhaps this time I will quote it clearly for you: Also your remark on Jews of today, be it Judaism based denomination is is very broken. I have knowledge in that field also, but the focus is solely on Fearon, Entities of Trust and funds with said owners and the like. Granted how a beneficiary at times is unaware of what people do with a trust and or fund, things of such is evident, only the owner knows very well of what they do with their money, not the ones they donated to. Which was the case with all facts pointing to the Riley Trust where it is revealed of who the real owner is. Nowhere have I stated that any working man or woman is one part of the world. Being part of the world requires the intake of Satan's influence itself that contributes to lawless acts and total disrespect to God's Law and the practices of the 1st century church. As for the cheap product remark, like I said before about lawless acts, how did you miss that one? That LEGITIMATE is the fact of how the money via donations is being used by the Temple of Jerusalem of where Jesus himself had taught. The practices of how money is handle and or used being vastly different from the hypocrites known as Pharisees and the Scribes. But clearly you do not understand a shred of what the passage is conveying, thus prompt your confusion of said massages and I chose them on purpose just to see if you understood it or not, but luckily you have someone such as myself to explain it for you, ALSO the fact that you use Biblehub, that alone could explain it to you by the number of commentaries expressed on that specific passage alone. Not really because in the original discussion was regarding who is the owner of what said money originates from. The claim by Fearon and his supports makes mention of Watchtower owning said entities (spreading of conspiracy) when facts and information points to them solely being a beneficiary, not the actual owner. As well a bit of Pearl's exegesis on using passages of the Bible, being used to justify a conspiracy that is found out to be 100% false. The owner in question, being Ms. Riley herself, chose to donate the amount of money to the religious group, secondary connections to Riley have donated money to other religious groups, since such were listed in connection with said owner and not the beneficiary. Trying to make claim that the faith is an owner of said trust and or fund or the idea that somehow the faith is a sponsor and racks in money from a sporting event, which has proven to also be false, is merely secondary. This also goes with your claims. You try to equal a Business Number and ID via links when if one links, it points to a Registry of parties added into the database and said database is solely in Australia and not globally as you allude to. In fact, there are registries out there that bear the same structural database as others, perhaps some far better than others, example would be Barclay's. I guess according to you it is an injustice that somehow the Devil's money allows you to be on the internet, for you make the based logic that money is a product of the devil when the bible does not say so, only you have. If we are to apply your logic on how you view things based on man's understanding of which you make application of. Why are you using the internet, if everything in this world is of Satan, including the ISP provider, thus giving you access to the internet? The internet is of the devil, no? Injustice? Hypocritical? Or perhaps the birds that fly near your home somehow surpassed human intellect and manage to provide you said internet on their own over than of what man has brought forth? You fail to also see the fact that some things we use, buy and sell can be a blessing and or a curse at times, example the internet, one can read the Bible over the internet while someone else shops online, another can be looking to learn a math and or vocabulary problem for school, another guy who plays video games over the internet and lastly you have the type of persons who use the internet to seek out and divulge him in brazen practices, others who use the internet for fornication while some use said internet for crime, most of us are no stranger to what the dark web is. This equals to that of money itself, as with other things, so it is absurd to say money is a product of Satan, moreover, you have defeated your own purpose to claim in regards of those who are wealth and or not wealth on parts of the world. You really have to think for yourself and look at what you are saying and what you are trying to say. Because right now all I see is a confused man, I really do not see how you got duped into the whole Glasgow thing and for that is shows. Other than that, the information I provided from the bible in page 2 is accurate on all things money, since the use of money by Jesus and his disciples was already expressed here on page 3. Perhaps this time you apply context instead doing otherwise.