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Daily text, Monday, July 9. 2018

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Peter said to him: “Even if all the others are stumbled, I will not be.”—Mark 14:29.

At a critical moment, the apostles abandoned Jesus. Peter had earlier stated that even if the others did that, he would not. (Mark 14:27-31, 50) Nevertheless, when Jesus was being taken into custody, all the apostles—including Peter—abandoned him. Peter repeatedly denied even knowing Jesus. (Mark 14:53, 54, 66-72) However, Peter showed remorse, and Jehovah continued to use him. Had you been a disciple then, would Peter’s actions have affected your loyalty to Jehovah? Today, will you recognize that Jehovah may allow time for repentance on the part of wrongdoers and that he will ultimately correct the wrongs and act in a just way? On the other hand, sometimes those who have been guilty of serious sins reject Jehovah’s mercy and are unrepentant. In such situations, will you have confidence that Jehovah will in time judge such wrongdoers, perhaps removing them from the congregation? w16.06 4:8, 9


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