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Queen Esther

Photo for today.... ​—Rom. 8:6. Sunday, July 22. 2018

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Setting the mind on the spirit means life and peace.—Rom. 8:6.

This does not imply that a person needs to think and talk of nothing other than the Bible or his love for God and his hope for the future. Let us recall that Paul and others in the first century who pleased God were living rather normal lives in many respects. They consumed food and drink. Many married and enjoyed family life, working to support themselves. (Mark 6:3; 1 Thess. 2:9) However, those servants of God did not allow such normal aspects of life to become the center of their lives. After showing that Paul worked as a tentmaker, the record reveals what his life was centered on: He regularly gave attention to the Christian preaching and teaching work. (Acts 18:2-4; 20:20, 21, 34, 35) And those were the activities that he recommended to his brothers and sisters in Rome. Yes, Paul’s life centered on spiritual provisions and activities. The Romans needed to imitate him, and so do we.—Rom. 15:15, 16. w16.12 2:5, 15, 16


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