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Proctor & Gamble Wants You to Pay a Little More for Household Goods

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If your cabinets are looking a little bare these days, you might want to stock up soon. Consumer goods leader P&G (+0.82%) is raising prices on some of its major brands.

  • The price of Pampers diapers in North America will increase 4% on average.
  • Charmin toilet paper, Bounty paper towels, and Puffs tissues will all see an average price increase of 5%. 

And surprise! Tariffs aren't contributing to higher costs. Instead, P&G is hoping to ride a wave of rising consumer confidence to give its thinning margins a little room to breathe.

Want another reason prices are going up? 

Here's one answer: pulp. 

No, not the kind that ruins an otherwise refreshing glass of orange juice...but the wood-based raw material that's used to make products from tissues to diapers. Since late 2016, hardwood pulp prices have jumped around 60%. 

  • Did you know? You can make 1,000 rolls of toilet paper from the pulp of just one eucalyptus tree. 

Become a pulp expert.

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