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This letter I found addressed to my wife's grandmother in 1976 is...disturbing.

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Jan 16, 1976

Dear Marge,

I'm writing you now because it's easier for me to explain things in a letter. I can't come to visit you because I'm kept very busy in my religion, I preach from door to door and give Bible Studies during the week and I attend 5 meetings a week. I'm very happy doing this and I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm living a clean moral life now and when I do marry it will be only in my faith. Right now I'm looking forward to the time when Jehovah God will destroy all false religion and wickedness off the earth and then He will bring about a beautiful paradise condition on the earth where mankind can live forever in peace and happiness, with no more sickness, or dying. (Rev 21:3-4) This is going to take place very soon now! Jesus gave the prophesy about the last days in Matt 24. And we're living in the last days right now. If you're interested in gaining everlasting life for you and your daughter please get in touch with the Middlesex Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. William St. Middlesex phone #356-4605. Someone there would give you a Bible study if you want. Please don't call me or come over anymore, I'm too busy with my faith and we no longer have anything in common. I don't want to offend you but it has to be this way. I hope your life gets straightened out soon. Take care.

Kathy Perdue

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If someone being fair and honest bothers you, the problem is YOURS .... not Kathy Perdue's problem.

It appears Marge's life  was too parasitical, when it should have been symbiotic.

Why in the world would ANYONE want to spend time with someone who is not a real "friend", but who not having any common interests, has become merely an aquaintence?

It always bothered me that on Facebook I had MANY acquaintances to which "FRIEND" was a misnomer.

I deleted them.

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