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Встреча в будние дни 2018-08-20

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    • The gb have admitted they have no spiritual guidance, so the jw's are not moving spiritually forward. However satans spirit's are giving them momentum.
    • The only ones I see with TDS are those who want to hatefully take him out. If TTH really hates Trump and his supporters, he would be willing to vote, but no, he's a jw and thus has no room to talk crap about any politician or their supporters.
    • Typing on a tablet is difficult sometimes....but I'm sure my education surpasses your 4 year awake and watchtower education:)
    • Fair enough and I agree with you on that. There is always a risk - even when we try to do the right thing, pray, follow scriptural principles, avoid bad areas... I'm sure you would also agree though, that some actions are riskier than others. i.e. jumping off a cliff is riskier than jumping off a curb - (unless you are jumping off the curb into traffic)  For instance, if you know an area of your city is known to have a high crime rate - especially at night, you might feel it prudent to avoid that area when you have a choice. True you may not be attacked, but the chances of that happening to you are significantly greater if you expose yourself to that environment. Not to flog this... (OK yes, I am flogging it ) One more example. You might not get cancer from smoking cigarettes, but the evidence shows your chances are greater of getting it. And in fact, even if you felt you were willing to take the chance yourself, would you be willing to set that example for your kids by smoking at home? They would see your example and possibly feel it's fine to follow your example, in turn putting them at greater risk of both addiction and cancer. That's the point I was clumsily trying to make. Personally, per se, I am not a dogmatic "opposer" of higher learning such that I would take it upon myself to punish others for choosing that option. But I would also candidly admit from real-life examples I have seen, that it poses a higher risk to spiritual objectives than other grades of schooling (which of course, as I recognize, can come with their own risks.) 
    • I just want to point out how, life is a sort of risk. Events that took place in Eden Garden (and in Heaven Realm with angels) show us how many things can go wrong when you are alive. People who do not live (do not exist), or are dead, are not at risk and not causing any risk, (only health risk if they are not properly buried or burnt).  Perhaps corps are not risk for vultures. (black humor) But want to show how facing "risks" is "normal" thing. You are at risk even in your congregation meetings. You can fall in love with person you should not to fall. Or somebody can be in "crush" with you. You are at risk to follow human interpretations of God's words!!! Children are at risk to be victims too. We have literal and spiritual risk that took place in congregation. And you have to deal with them. In that way, you are at risk where ever you go. Bible verses can give you good advice or warning, but they will not save you from every risk. If you are in a place, you believed is the safest place on Earth, than you are at risk ..... Bible shows this too :))   
    • Here is the material for the next 2 weeks December 9-15 and December 16-22, 2019. TB Watchtower December 9-15, 2019.doc Watchtower December 9-15, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 9-15 , 2019 text only.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 9-15 , 2019.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 9-15 , 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 9-15 , 2019 text only.doc CBS December 9-15, 2019.doc CBS December 9-15, 2019.pdf Additional Highlights -December 9-15, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -December 9-15, 2019.pdf Watchtower December 16-22, 2019.doc Watchtower December 16-22, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 16-22 , 2019 text only.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 16-22 , 2019 text only.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 16-22 , 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 16-22 , 2019.doc CBS December 16-22, 2019.pdf CBS December 16-22, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -December 16-22, 2019.pdf Additional Highlights -December 16-22, 2019.doc
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