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    • By Queen Esther
      WHAT  a  big  blessing  from  our  God  Jehovah ❤
      But,  read  the  story !
      One Sunday morning, two brothers were preaching on the streets, could not talk to anyone, the brothers decided to talk to a beggar who sat on the bench in the square, who ate trash heaps that were there.
      The brothers began to talk to him about the hope of a new world where there would be no more misery, there would be no more hunger, no violence, etc. The beggar was very much interested in the message and he accepted a study of the Bible with the brochure "does God require of us? And the brothers made arrangements to continue studying in the same place. When the day came, that beggar I was anxious to see the brothers were falling behind a bit, but came and went with the study. This beggar continued to study for two months ... one Saturday morning, the brothers were doing the preaching from house to house in that same territory when suddenly they saw the beggar also talking with people about the Bible, the brothers went to where the beggar to say that could not be doing this, on the doors, because it was necessary to have a good appearance and fill certain requirements.
      Then the brothers took him to his home, where he bathed, shaved, cut his hair, nails, teeth brushed, and told them got him right clothes ... This beggar began to attend all meetings, without missing one, he began to participate in the theocratic ministry school; shortly thereafter he made one of his two dreams: he began to preach the good news from house to house. By that time this beggar was an example for all in the congregation and everyone who knew him knew of his history. After studying for 8 months was baptized at an international meeting held at Morumbi stadium in Sao Paulo Brazil.
      The brother who had this experience in speech concluded: know what the result of that experience That beggar who became a brother? 'ME !!! and today I am having the privilege of being here telling my own story, for all the brothers.
      Currently, in addition to serving Jehovah, I have my family, I have my house, I have a son and I serve as an elder in my congregation (... kept the audience not to applaud ...) so brothers have well in mind that in this world we all preach to all kind of people!; We demonstrate Christlike humility and willingness to give help to those in need, knowing that before God we are all beggars....
    • By Queen Esther
      click  on  the  video - link !!
      Landmarks Lit Up in Purple to Honor Prince.....
      Tributes to Prince are springing up across the country, with buildings and bridges lighting up in the color purple to honor the late singer. (April 22)
    • By Queen Esther
      YES,  look  into  the  kiddie  faces  ;o)
      HOW  they  enjoy  Caleb & Sophia,  thats  great !
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