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Ja Rule, a famous rapper who was raised as a JW said this:

Ja Rule, who previously shared being raised as a Jehovah's Witness, revealed that what turned him off from the religion was how his family members shunned his mother once she was disfellowshipped from the faith community.

"I found that rather odd," he said. "I was living with my grandmother at the time. My mom would get me on the weekends and stuff like that. And then they were like, 'You're not gonna be able to go with your mom on the weekends anymore.'"

"I didn't understand it like that. And I was like, 'Well that's not gonna fly, and I'm leaving here and gonna live with my mother,'" the rapper said. "We were kinda like the black sheep now. Nobody was dealing with my mother, and that was crazy."

He explained how the familial breakdown affected him in the long run, saying that seeing how much his mother was hurt by being shunned by her own mother and brother gave him a "sore taste" in his mouth about the religion.

"But then ironically, when I blew up (with his rap career in the 1990s) and started making money and became Ja Rule, everybody could come and speak to my mother," said the multi-platinum recording artist.


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