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Hurricane Florence

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I just read that there are two others in the Atlantic and one barreling toward Hawaii (in another thread)

Scary reports of flooding expected.

Anything interesting from where you are?

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Via The Weather Channel

Hurricane Florence could be the "storm of a lifetime" when it barrels into the Carolinas this week.

What you need to know: Florence is a slow-moving hurricane, bringing with it "life-threatening" storm surge and flash flooding, the National Hurricane Center said yesterday.

What they're saying:

  • "This is not going to be a glancing blow...this is going to be a Mike Tyson punch to the Carolina coast."—FEMA's Jeff Byard.
  • "My message is clear: disaster is at the doorstep."—North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper.
  • "They haven't seen anything like what's coming at us in 25, 30 years, maybe ever. It's tremendously big and tremendously wet."—President Trump.

What it'll cost: Potentially $30 billion, per AccuWeather's Joel Myers.

A few ways it'll impact business: The Port of Charleston will be closed through at least Saturday, and Smithfield Foods will shut its North Carolina hog slaughter plant (the world's largest) through the end of the week. Airlines have canceled hundreds of flights. As for insurers? Covered losses could come in between $15 billion to $20 billion.

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via .ORG

World News

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Thanks for asking ....

Here, near Charlotte, it was overcast today with no rain, and a 15 mph breeze.  Now, at approx. 12:30 AM Saturday, it's about the same, with no discernible wind noise.  Tomorrow it is an 85% chance of rain, with maximum 30 mph winds forecast. Sunday forecast is 30 mph and 100% chance of rain.

I bought 26 candles in  glass tubes, 5 square yellow flashlights,  24 cans of beans and 60, 2.5 gal. freezer bags to fill with water.and 45 cans of dog food ( for relatives if they have to come over ... so they will leave ASAP).

We live on a heavily wooded lot with very large trees, which I suppose will be the greatest danger, falling into the house, but we shall see.

In 1954 I was 6 years old when Hurricane Hazel tore through Richmond Virginia,  and I went out and tied myself to a tree with a garden hose, and watched roofs peel off and flop down the street.

It was fun!

.... my Mom was not pleased .




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UPDATE: 9/18/2018

I had a tree about 150 feet tall and as big around as a barrel fall across my chain link fence in the side yard and crushed about three, ten foot sections of fence.

When it gets cooler, I will chain saw it and repair the fence.

90% of the tree is on my neighbor's property, but it is a big farm, so I will not have to move it.

It looks like we missed "Stormageddon"!

It was like being chased by a giant turtle.

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