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James Thomas Rook Jr.

Over the years, How well has the JW-Archive.org Archive of past conversations held up?

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I have been commenting here somewhere around 7 or 8 years ... I think ... and somewhere around 8,000 comments.

If I wanted to make an off line copy of my comments from the very beginning on the Archive ... how would I do it?

Over the years, How well has the JW-Archive.org Archive of past conversations held up?

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Thanks for remembering!!

I am glad to say that it is all still there. http://www.jw-archive.org/

I thought Tumblr platform that it was built on was going to disappear awhile back but it is still running.

I think Google has it's own agenda though. I remember someone saying that Watchtower pays Google to suppress certain websites in searches. 

Google only indexes a portion of many websites and has really deteriorated in search over the years. They themselves want to be the "aggregator" of content for people instead of leading people to the sources.

I think the search world is ripe for disruption soon.


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