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At more than 541 million years old, these are now among the oldest known animal fossils....

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Fascinating locale, one that is very much the Ediacarian analogue to those Chinese dinosaur quarries that have yielded such amazingly preserved fossils. Ediacara are some of the coolest ancient fossils.


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    • By Arauna
      I left this discussion last year because the fight over semantics was so stupid. Anyone who believes the universe came from nothing or believes that something comes from nothing - one cannot argue with people like that - not worth the effort. It is a totally unscientific statement and even if you say you are a scientist 1000 times, it does not make you a scientist who bases your conclusion on evidence if you really "believe" that statement. To say that a cell "appears" to be designed proves the simplicity of the mind or proves incomprehension or lack of study of the complexity of the cell itself. Nano-biotechnology has proven the complexity. IN any case there are now many papers which prove that collagen, blood vessels and more than 10 proteins have been found together with Carbon 14 in fossils. These samples have been taken on numerous different fossils and every time there is the same result (repeated tests) without contamination.... This proves the fossils are only thousands of years old and not millions.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      The 99-million-year-old hatchling from the Cretaceous Period is the best preserved of its kind

      This small (3-inch) piece of amber contains the fossilized remains of a baby bird that lived about 99 million years ago. CT scans reveal that it's the most complete fossil ever found in Burmese amber.

      Bones, skin and soft tissue are all encased in amber, providing scientists with unique information on an extinct group of ancient birds.
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