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53 Year Old Christine Blasey Ford Says Judge Brett Kavanaugh Sexually Harassed Her At Yale!

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I suspect he has unloaded his secret weapon when he states he was a virgin and had nothing even resembling sex until well after school days. It is obviously true, for in today's culture, nobody admits to such a thing. It is to scream from the rooftops: "I am a loser!"

Now, he doesn't view it that way. And I come from a religious background where such is more common than uncommon for unmarried persons of that age, and it is due to their religious beliefs on the sanctity of marriage, so I don't view it that way either. But his most vociferous opponents, irreligious almost to the person, cannot conceive of such a thing. Some of them pursue sex almost as though it is the purpose of life. 

He tells them he was a virgin? It is the most definitive answer possible, and ought take the wind completely out of their sails. They would never admit to such a thing, were it true. It would be a matter of deep shame. In fact, wasn't there a shooting recently by someone who hasn't scored with the females, and he and his are passed off as "of all men, the most be pitied." I think they have even coined a word for that type, as though it is an ethnic group. 

Kavanaugh is not ashamed of it at all. He is proud of it. That doesn't mean he willingly advertises it, for it is a personal matter. But when backed into a corner, he states it as his perfect defense. 'Well.....well....just when did you have sex, anyway?' say his opponents, since this is a hugely important topic for them. But there is a limit to how much he will indulge them, for next they will want video footage. It is enough to say 'well after.'

It is too much. There is no better way to defang an enemy than to freely admit to a weakness. This is especially true if you do not regard it as a weakness at all. Not getting the sense of it, one pundit, sympathetic to he and his cause, lamented how disgusting it was that he should have been maneuvered into revealing his then-virginity. He didn't get maneuvered at all. He played his trump card. And, yes, I will indulge his enemies and state that he also played his Trump card.

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Reportedly Robert Redford, the actor, was a virgin when he was first asked to star in the 60's movie "The Graduate",  a classic that has withstood the test of time, and been referenced in other movies, TV shows and even cartoons since, even decades later. 

He turned down the part, which subsequently went to Dustin Hoffman,  because he knew that although he was at the time a virgin ... he realized that NOBODY would believe it.

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If that's so true then WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU NOT SAY ANYTHING since Kav was nominated!! You had your chance to do something. Instead you are going to use the excuse you werentoo afraid to say anything!! You either STAND UP and be BRAVE if you were TRULY HARASSED!! Otherwise, it's another fabricated story!!

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