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Laughing at the idea that we are 'helping Jehovah' by setting aside a specific, pre-planned amount of money in advance every month so that we don't forget to donate -- and automatically get a receipt. "Because this way, I can help Jehovah every month" a sister says at 2min20sec into the tutorial video.

We can help Jehovah's people, help Jehovah's organization, even help Jehovah's "cause" in a sense. But only persons who have an extreme ego, or who confuse Jehovah with the organization believe they are "helping Jehovah." 

*** w91 12/1 p. 31 How Can We Repay Jehovah? ***

  • Such giving is not restricted to a tithe, or tenth, and there may be circumstances in which an individual is moved to give more to advance Kingdom interests.—Matthew 6:33.
  • The apostle Paul said: “Let each one do just as he has resolved in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7) If you give cheerfully and generously in support of true worship, you will fare well, for a wise proverb says: “Honor Jehovah with your valuable things and with the firstfruits of all your produce. Then your stores of supply will be filled with plenty; and with new wine your own press vats will overflow.”—Proverbs 3:9, 10.
  • We cannot enrich the Most High. To him belong all the gold and silver, the beasts on a thousand mountains, and valuable things without number. (Psalm 50:10-12) Never can we repay God for all his benefits to us. But we can show our deep appreciation for him and for the privilege of rendering sacred service to his praise. And we can be sure that rich blessings flow to those who give liberally to promote pure worship and honor the loving and generous God, Jehovah.—2 Corinthians 9:11.


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24 minutes ago, JW Insider said:

But only persons who have an extreme ego, or who confuse Jehovah with the organization believe they are "helping Jehovah." 

For then I shall give to peoples the change to a pure language, in order for them all to call upon the name of Jehovah, in order to serve him shoulder to shoulder.’ (Zeph 3:9)

Whenever you serve someone, in can be reasonably be said that you are ‘helping’ him, can it not?

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16 minutes ago, TrueTomHarley said:

Whenever you serve someone, in can be reasonably be said that you are ‘helping’ him, can it not?

Our efforts in working shoulder to shoulder are ways to help one another, encourage one another, and in some tenuous way, I would agree that they could "help" Jehovah. I think a more accurate way to work in the idea of "helping Jehovah" is that we can be serving Jehovah in a way that "helps" him answer "Satan's" challenge. And I would glady concede that it is possible to give money and see a relationship between this type of "giving" and "helping" Jehovah in that way.

I once heard a couple of brothers responsible for an article on "the vindication of Jehovah's name" arguing (reasonably, not heatedly) about whether we are "helping" to vindicate and/or sanctify his name. One used the idea that if Jehovah needed to, he could make the rocks cry out, or send an army of angels, and this was actually used as part of the argument that we are "helping" Jehovah, avoid the need to use rocks or angels. But the other side of the argument was that it is not our work and effort and resources that is of any value to Jehovah, but it is our appreciation and love for him that is the motivation for those efforts.

This is, of course, part of the same solution to the apparent contradiction that Paul says that the works don't mean anything without faith, and James says you cannot have faith without works.

  • (James 2:24) You see that a man is to be declared righteous by works and not by faith alone. (also Romans 2:13)
  • (Romans 3:28) For we consider that a man is declared righteous by faith apart from works of law.

It's because true faith always produces a motivation, i.e. "works." But works don't prove anything because they could just as well be from a "worldly" motivation. This is why James could say that true religion that is spotless will look after orphans and widows, for example, without being "spotted" or sullied by the motivations common to the "world." -- James 1:27. And this statement is immediately preceded by:

  • (James 1:25) 25 But the one who peers into the perfect law that belongs to freedom and continues in it has become, not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work; and he will be happy in what he does. [proper motive]

At any rate, there are many Scriptures containing the idea that we cannot actually give anything materially to Jehovah. He already owns everything. A better way to express the entire idea is the way the Watchtower once said it:

*** ws17 April p. 32 par. 16 May Your Volunteer Spirit Bring Praise to Jehovah! ***

  • 16 Jehovah gives us an incredible honor by letting us support his rulership. Since the time of Adam and Eve, the Devil has wanted humans to take his side against Jehovah. But when we support Jehovah’s rulership, we clearly show Satan whose side we are on. Our faith and loyalty motivate us to volunteer in Jehovah’s service, and this makes him very happy. (Proverbs 23:15, 16) Our God can use our loyal support and obedience to answer Satan’s taunts. (Proverbs 27:11) Our obedience is something we can give to Jehovah that is precious to him and brings him great joy.



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@JW Insider "But only persons who have an extreme ego, or who confuse Jehovah with the organization, believe they are "helping Jehovah." 

Oh I love that, how true.

 This is why James could say that true religion that is spotless will look after orphans and widows, for example, without being "spotted" or sullied by the motivations common to the "world." -- James 1:27.

So what happened to JW Org then ? 

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As technology advances, things like this will change. Who knows, in the next 50-75 or so years we could be paying bills or contributing to something financially with a mere thought (as in a Goggle type device connected to your head kind of way).

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6 hours ago, JW Insider said:

But only persons who have an extreme ego, or who confuse Jehovah with the organization believe they are "helping Jehovah." 

Not sure about this view as applying across the board. It is quite possible that there may be some who donate money to "the organisation" and who have "an extreme ego".

But to equate universally that unlaudable disposition with the notion that one could be "helping Jehovah" is not a logical or fair assessment.

Paul himself terms Christians as "God's fellow workers" after describing the preaching and teaching work in an agricultural metaphor. "Fellow workers" or collaborators do help each other to accomplish a task. Paul ensures that there is no "egotistical" element to that view by crediting growth (success) to Jehovah himself, and by attriburing his own role in that shared enterprise to God's "undeserved kindness".

So without labouring the point further, I see the notion of "helping Jehovah" akin to the pleasure a child may take in "helping" a loving father in a task he is carrying out. The father does not need the assistance of his child and, indeed, may have to redo or complete much of the task himself due to the childs inexperience. But no one could deny the pleasure he would take in sharing in the task with his appreciative child, and taking pleasure in the child's obvious delight in working together with their beloved father. "Look what we have done" the Father proudly proclaims to his beaming child, regardless of the fact that most of the work can really be credited to himself. (Compare the paternal attitude expressed at Pro.27:11)

Now, that holds good for the greater works carried out by true Christians today, whether they are contributed to in the form of time, energy and/or material and financial contributions.

"So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor. For we are God’s fellow workers." 1Cor.3:7-9.

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17 hours ago, Gone Away said:

Not sure about this view as applying across the board. It is quite possible that there may be some who donate money to "the organisation" and who have "an extreme ego".

But to equate universally that unlaudable disposition with the notion that one could be "helping Jehovah" is not a logical or fair assessment.

I wasn't even implying that the sister who was speaking had a problem with extreme ego. I think this would be the rarest of problems of those giving materially. (I mentioned it with a view to those Pharisees who might have compared their own contributions to that of a widow's "mite.")

I misworded the statement with the word "only" but wasn't trying to be comprehensive. In the context of some recent videos and many of the Broadcasts on tv.jw.org, I have noticed a lot of statements where the term "Jehovah" is apparently confused with the term "Jehovah's organization." I had just seen two other JWB examples in the few minutes before seeing this one and thought I should speak up. (A little leaven, etc.)

It's just an opinion, of course, but I think it's very possible this sister in the video is doing the same thing (using the term Jehovah as a shorthand term for Jehovah's earthly organization) which I'm seeing by so many others. It's my sense that it is even becoming more common in convention prayers, which might be an indication of the influence of JWB. I have seen more examples on JWB than in print.

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    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      I made a donation on line at JW.ORG. Why are they using a Switzerland banking address?
    • By The Librarian
      No. Donations have no relevance as to whether a person is counted as a Witness or has any particular assignment or privilege in our organization. (Acts 8:18-20) In fact, most donations are made anonymously. Each Witness donates his time, energy, and resources to our worldwide work according to his own desire and circumstances.—2 Corinthians 9:7.
    • By Jack Ryan
      All in attendance at our local circuit assembly are 'encouraged' to donate as a benchmark £7.50 for the privilege of being there and 'covering the cost of the assembly hall'
      Is this a new tactic?
      How is this different from "passing the plate" that my dad always boasted that JW's did not do?
    • By Jack Ryan
      Wouldn't Jesus throw out the "money changers"?
      How is this allowed?
      Yet we aren't allowed to even leave bags of produce outside the front doors for others who want/need them?
      They don't allow members of the congregation to give away excess home-grown produce at the Kingdom Hall but they have allowed commercial banks to set up?
    • By The Librarian
      A 4 year old child showing love for all that Jehovah has done for her
      Of course now that more and more of us are no longer using cash... her generation is now being offered automatic donations via our website jw.org
      Train your child about routing numbers during her infancy.
    • By Jack Ryan
      Tutorial for Making Donations Electronically video will be considered the week of October 16, 2017.
    • By MS60F7
      Just think what we could do if we all shopped on smile.amazon.com and designated the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society as our charity.  I did this over a year ago and, well, my purchases sent $73.45 to the society.  But with others, we have contributed $21,439.23 to the society - that could build two kingdom halls in Africa!!
      Spread the word to use this feature and switch to smile.amazon.com

    • By ARchiv@L
      May 17, 2017 WHAT’S NEW
      Online Donations for Conventions
      Donations to support the annual conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses may now be made online from a number of countries. Individuals who choose to donate can find more information on the page How to Donate to the Worldwide Work.
      Online Donations for Conventions on JWORG.pdf
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      A few highlights:
       “Although Jesus does not explain why he calls riches “unrighteous,” the Bible makes clear that commercialism was not part of God’s purpose. Par 6
       Along with the political and religious elements, the greedy commercial system, represented by “the merchants” of Revelation 18:3, constitutes part of Satan’s world. Unlike the complete separation that God’s people maintain from politics and false religion,  most cannot separate themselves completely from the commercial part of Satan’s world. Par 2
      Another way to gain friendship with Jehovah is by minimizing our involvement with the commercial world and using our circumstances to seek “true” riches. Par 12
      “Our annual Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) Growth Markets Summit, held on April 24th and 25th in New York City, featured a series of in-depth conversations on important themes and dynamics shaping the Growth Markets today. The event comprised 18 different sessions featuring over 40 leading CEOs, CIOs, policy makers, political scientists, industry experts, investment fund managers and senior Goldman Sachs professionals. We were honored to be joined by over 400 attendees representing over 275 organizations from 37 countries.”   2012 GROWTH MARKETS SUMMIT
      The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society were among the 400 attendees.
      “An obvious way to prove ourselves faithful with our material things is by contributing financially to the worldwide preaching work that Jesus foretold would take place.  (Matt. 24:14) A young girl in India kept a small money box and gradually added coins, even giving up toys to do so. When the box was full, she handed the money over to be used for the preaching work. A brother in India who has a coconut farm contributed a large number of coconuts to the Malayalam remote translation office, reasoning that since the office needs to buy coconuts, his supplying them directly will help his contribution to go further than it would if he gave cash. That is practical wisdom. Likewise, brothers in Greece regularly contribute olive oil, cheese, and other foods for the Bethel family.” Par 8
      Is it considered “practical wisdom” for the Watchtower to use another’s hard earned funds to support its commercial endeavors which are far from minimal? Although it is apparent that the Wt. is using another’s riches 'unrighteously', the “unrighteous riches” Jesus was referring to had no reference to commercialism or monetary donations made by such touching examples in paragraph 8.  This is conclusive when reading Matt 19:21-24,29; 6:19-21
      Each anointed one has a spiritual debt to pay to his Master, Christ.  (1 Cor 12:1-11; Matt 13:8; Luke 17:10)  The Steward appointed over God’s household refuses to let his fellow slaves pay their debt, the return on the provisions they received.  This is the reality with the GB, who selfishly refuses to accept input from other anointed ones, thus this “wasteful steward” cannot be trusted with handling all provisions of God’s House.  Prov 15:22; 1 Cor 4:8; Mark 10:42-44
      In the parable, the steward was cutting the debts owed to the Master, Jesus, using practical “earthly” wisdom to save his own soul, but he had no authority to do so. Thus, the steward’s wisdom is centered not on the Kingdom, as a son of light, but on acquiring power and authority over all in God’s House, as a “son of this system of things”, which the GB has successfully done.
       If this steward was to ‘make friends’ by sharing authority with all in the house, he would later be judged by his fellow servants, as faithful. John 20:23 
      The Watchtower makes the comment,
      “Although Jesus does not explain why he calls riches “unrighteous,” the Bible makes clear that commercialism was not part of God’s purpose.” Par 6
      The attached article is written by an anointed one, who has been blessed with the spiritual understanding of "unrighteous riches".   If the Wt. doesn't 'get it', who are they serving, God or wealth?  Luke 16:13
      Wasteful Steward - http://pearl-wastefulsteward.blogspot.com/
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      MANKATO — The city-owned former CCTV building isn't particularly versatile or beauteous, has no parking and can't be used for rental housing. So when the Mankato City Council asked people to submit offers to purchase and propose a new use for the Vine Street structure, no private developers stepped forward.
      The non-profit Key City Bike organization, however, sees the former Jehovah's Witness worship hall as a potential gift from above.
      Key City's current space at 1429 N. Riverfront Drive has no furnace or air conditioner.
      In cold-weather months, the organization has to discontinue its mission of reclaiming old and unwanted bikes, providing them for free to kids, helping needy adults build their own bike, instructing people in bike repair, and teaching bikers to ride safely.
      "So we have to go by the seasons," said Key City Executive Director Acacia Wytaske.
      And when Key City's volunteers and patrons have to go, well, they have to go elsewhere. There's no restroom at the Riverfront Drive site, not even a sink.
      The old CCTV building?
      "We'd have bathroom facilities ...," Wytaske told the City Council Monday night, a bit of wonder in her voice. "People would be able to wash their hands after they get greasy."
      Members of the City Council, acting in their role as the Economic Development Authority, weren't thrilled with the nonprofit's $1 proposed payment for the Vine Street building even as they indicated broad support for Key City's altruistic work.
      "What's not to like about your organization?" Mayor Eric Anderson said.
      But Anderson and Council members Karen Foreman and Mark Frost said there's reason for the council to hesitate in giving Key City the building. It's not really theirs to give.
      "We do have a different responsibility here because the building is an asset of the public," Anderson said.
      The building was purchased by the city from the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1990 but lost its purpose when the public-access television studio was moved to Bethany Lutheran College in 2015. 
      Traditional fiduciary stewardship would suggest seeking the highest possible return when unloading unneeded taxpayer assets, Anderson said: "The logical move is just to sell the building and get what we can get out of it."
      Without any off-street parking, though, the building doesn't have a lot of potential as a commercial business, Community Development Director Paul Vogel said. Because the 200-block of East Vine Street already has the maximum allowed amount of rental housing, it couldn't be sold for apartments.
      It could become a single-family home, but only if someone was looking for a 3,200-square-foot house that was designed as worship space and later converted into a public-access television building with offices, a studio and editing bays.
      Despite its limitations, though, Blue Earth County has assessed the building's value at $169,000.
      An assessment of the building calculated $90,000 in needed repairs, although Frost said he looked at the structure with a contractor friend who thought those estimates were overstated five-fold.
      Key City officials have indicated a willingness to make repairs to the building, although the larger fixes would need to await fundraising efforts. City staff is also recommending that any agreement with Key City would need to allow the city to reclaim the building if the organization discontinued operations, failed to maintain the structure or attempted to sell it.
      Foreman suggested staff add provisions to any contract with Key City that spells out what repairs the organization would make in return for receiving the building for free. In addition, Foreman said the agreement could include the possibility of annual payments to the city if Key City, through grants or other funding sources, because more financially flush in future years.
      "At some point down the line, we need to start having some financial responsibility back to the citizen," Foreman said.
      Council members voted to have staff continue negotiations with Key City. A proposed agreement is expected to come back for a final decision at an Economic Development Authority meeting in March or April.
    • By Diakonos
      The organization often uses the scriptures from 1 Cor 16 and 2 Cor 8 to appeal for us to make contributions to the world wide work. However, as you read these verses in context the contributions that were collected were for the material needs of fellow Christians who were undergoing poverty and famine. I am in no doubt that many of our fellow Christians in this world would welcome material assistance, especially in some of the poorer countries. Instead millions are spent on making the organizations headquarters into a palatial residence not to mention the millions that have already been paid out in settlements regarding sexual abuse cases !! I strongly feel that this is an abuse of those scriptures, making them say what the writer and ultimately the divine author did not intend. Agree or disagree ?
    • By The Librarian
      2006 - $130,000 for JEHOVAH WITNESS KINGDOM HALL
      The amounts of his donations has been posted in other forums with copies of the public tax filings of his Love 4 One Another foundation.

      I will add a link to this page to his central post on this forum:
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    • Absolutely agree. But what I see as it is possible to read in WT Society text about Higher education is this: They tend to separate young minds from "secular knowledge" because of some fears. Perhaps one of fear is not main reason, to be learned about non-Bible ideas. But as main reason i see how this "secular ideas" can cause that young JW members begin to question WT and Bible.  Please have in mind what you already said, JHVH not decided to separate Congregation, but He doing just opposite. He let all sort of influence to be spread on  people, all people, not just JW's. If JHVH not made separation in literal way, than WT try to do this separation in limited level on limited class of people for limited time in their life - looks funny and not productive as they expect.  This was completely necessary to be said ... using this sort of illustration with mafia as subject :))))) ........... but you "provoked" me a little :)))) and i will add. We all working for devil the boss, because he is ruler, god of this world, global company/corporation. Just another, different way of rationalization.   :))))))
    • I agree that God is organized, which is clear in creation.  He has also organized his anointed Body of “144,000” perfectly, by distributing gifts in various measure. All are to benefit from each other.  (1 Cor chapter 12)  And he himself gave some as apostles and some as prophets and some as evangelists and some as pastors and teachers 12 for the equipping of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ, 13 until we all reach the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to a measure of the maturity of the fullness of Christ.  Eph 4:11-13 In Matt 13:36-43 it says, “The Son of Man will send out his angels and they will gather out of his kingdom all the causes of sin and those who do lawless deeds” Matt 13:41 Jesus stated that his kingdom is “no part of this world”. John 18:36  His kingdom is comprised of the anointed – those part of his Body.  He is the “Lord of lords and King of kings”.  Rev 17:14 (Matt 20:21)    And they were singing a new song, saying, “You are worthy to take the scroll     and to open its seals, because you were slaughtered,     and bought people for God by your blood     from every tribe and language and people and nation, 10 and made them a kingdom and priests to our God,     and they will reign on the earth.” Rev 5:9,10 (1 Pet 2:5,9) Matt 13:37,38 – “So he answered and said, “The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man, 38 and the field is the world. And the good seed—these are the sons of the kingdom, but the darnel are the sons of the evil one.” If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. Gal 3:29 We know that not all of God’s anointed become faithful members of the Bride.  They can fall from their heavenly position. 2 Pet 3:17; Rev 8:10,11  This harvest firstly concerns those belonging to Christ, who are part of his kingdom and are found either as good seed or weeds.  I hope you can see that Matt 13:36-43 has nothing to do with the all the kingdoms on the earth and the people in them.  (Luke 4:5-7)  In Matt 13:38; It does say, “the field is the world” – but world can mean, “an apt and harmonious arrangement or constitution” which describes the anointed arrangement of "kings" under their Head Jesus Christ.  John 4:23,24 -   Jesus said right before these scriptures:   “Woman,” Jesus replied, “believe me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem.” John 4:21 Christ’s Body replaced the temple in Jerusalem.  There is no more literal, physical place of worship, since the Temple is now built with “living stones”.  1 Pet 2:5,9   They are given “spirit” and “truth”.  1 John 2:20,27; John 16:13  If they fail in their devotion to God and Christ, they lose what has been given them.  Luke 8:18; 1 Cor 3:18  They will not be sealed into the tribes of “Israel”.    Luke 13:24; Rev 3:11 Again in Rev 18:4, “my people”, refer to God’s holy people – His “special possession”.  They and their companions with them are to leave the “organization” where the “darnel” are teaching His people, lies. Rev 18:4-8 (1 Pet 2:5,9,10)      
    • I don't know if anyone provided an update to this story, but the "brother" finally pled guilty, and was sentenced to five years, for three felony counts of child rape with two different victims. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-who-raped-jehovah-s-witness-girls-sentenced-5-years-n1082136 Elihu Rodriguez, 32, of Yakima, Washington, was given five years, the maximum sentence prosecutors had asked for, after Rodriguez pleaded guilty to three felony counts of child rape in the third degree in September. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender. Both of his victims attended the sentencing, which took place Friday at the King County Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent, Washington. I believe this was the case I was told something about in 2018, which is why I mentioned then that I couldn't say much because it was an upcoming court case. If it's the same one, then someone (parent?) convinced her not to report it because it was just a matter that this 25-year-old was in love with her, and so they told her it was actually multiple acts of fornication, not child abuse or child rape. She agreed not to report on the basis that she would be considered guilty of fornication, too. So the family moved to another congregation, and within months, she got to a point where she decided she needed to report it to the elders. (I don't think it was because she learned about another girl being raped/abused by the man, even though this would make sense.) When she did report it to her new congregation's elders in 2013, they actually called the legal department just as they were supposed to, but evidently someone thought it was going to be possible to treat this as "consensual" and the elders tried to get her to say it was consensual. She refused to agree with the elders that it was consensual, and took it to the authorities. When I heard about this case (or perhaps another one just like it) I was only told the general area of the US, and some circumstances, but no names. I was only told that this was disturbing that someone would try to turn a child molestation case of a "16 year old girl" into a consensual case in spite of the young age. (I was not told that she was actually 14/15.) Years earlier, J R Brown, as a spokesmen for the Society, had tried to minimize a lot of these cases by saying that a lot of them are like cases of an 18 year old boy with a 16 year old girl, which sounded a bit like the old "boys will be boys" excuse. 
    • The point was that Jehovah is organized, the evidence is all around us. This leads us to believe that His visible favored people would be organized in doing His will. Moving forward we can consider WHO HE is about to sanction based on Matthew 13:36-43, John 4:23,24,Revelation 18:4 and a few more.......
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