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A Caravan of Central American migrants is determined to reach the U.S

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Guest Nicole
On 10/23/2018 at 12:43 AM, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

What is the difference between a strong rumor, a regular rumor, and a weak rumor?

Oops, sorry, I was thinking in Spanish, we say "fuertes rumores" when there are several and different sources repeating the same info...


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Guest Nicole

I read about other rumors, although Maduro, Ortega, and Castro are almost the same....


In an interview with the Washington Post on Tuesday, Pence said he was told by Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez that the caravan, which at the time numbered over 7,000 people, was organized by “leftist groups,” that were“financed by Venezuela.”

Meanwhile, the number of people in the caravan has been dwindling, according to the Mexican authorities. They reported on Wednesday that only 3,630 still intend to reach the US border with Mexico. 1,743 separated from the caravan and filed for asylum in Mexico, while another 116 people have agreed to undergo a deportation process.




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Here is a good analogy:

For those that want the United States Government to let all those unfortunate immigrants, criminals, and disease ridden people into the United States .....how about if I came to YOUR HOME and with a hammer and a screwdriver took the hinges off of YOUR FRONT DOOR, and took it away with me?

THEN, your altruistic penchant for hospitality could be REALLY tested, with real world considerations.

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When I was in the Congo, in 1974, I lived in a house that had concertina wire on top of a triple row of sandbags ... and had three shifts of security of two teams ... one team watched the other team ... they watched each other.

I never had the slightest problem with ANYBODY, my whole stay there.

The way NOT to have any problems with anybody is either having relatively impenetrable defenses ... or be forced to kill them all.

If you have to do that, it sure cuts down on "repeat offenders".

85% of everybody are fine, wholesome people ... it's the exceptions that want you for lunch.



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Guest Nicole
5 hours ago, Anna Rajala said:

So Mexicans are cousing you trouble. 

What part of the world are you and @LNNfrom? 

If you both feel that way maybe you have problems of social coexistence.

This caravana has people from Central America heading to USA, the reasons are many, not only violence and poverty at their countries also politicals. If it is right or wrong their decisions I won't say.


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