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‘Would robot sex count as infidelity?

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5 hours ago, BillyTheKid46 said:

Yes, it’s not easy to maintain a good moral structure with an uncomfortable post. It reminds me of Mark 13:14-23. What society is becoming, and the interaction of Christians within, as though they have no choice but to accept having to be part of this world.

It must have been an impossible task for Jesus to subject his followers to accomplish. Not being part of. The curious thing comes with activism. In one hand, it can have blind rage, hate, harsh, and belligerent and in the other hand, the same values change just because its built with plastic.

I wonder if Mark cannot be applied. Mark 7:6. What makes sense is written in Galatians 6:3. Now I do find this humorous when interacting with confused souls. The effort, it must take and excuses to continue their untethered hatred while being supported by an unsavory character.

  1. the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.
    "growing activism on the abortion issue"
    1. 1.
      a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.
      "the British team lodged an official protest"
    I much prefer protest to activism myself. To express disapproval in a calm manner is much better than vigorous campaigning. 
    As to the point of "and the interaction of Christians within, as though they have no choice but to accept having to be part of this world"
    I would suggest that most JW's seem to accept having to live with Pedophiles within the JW Org. 

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46 minutes ago, JOHN BUTLER said:
8 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

I forget where I read it, and it was probably talking about the card game Poker, but...

"It is immoral to let a sucker keep his money!".

It does have a certain cynical, yet pragmatic,  ring to it.


How worldly :)  totally un-Christian attitude :) 

Yeah, I know .... I guess I am a "work in progress"

One night in Downtown Charlotte,  some brothers and I were doing midnight "Hotel to Hotel" Witnessing, talking to bored Night Clerks at the front desk, and when it was the other Brother's turn to do the talking, I would, to cover some expenses,  go outside and roll some drunks.

I am 6'-6" tall, and they are de-ruuunk, so no one gets hurt, and I get a lot of loose change.

.... never had any complaints.

I like to think of it as an impromptu Alcoholics Anonymous encounter.

.... after subtracting for expenses, and a small surcharge, I do contribute half to the Worldwide Work.



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14 hours ago, JOHN BUTLER said:

Yes it is horrid and getting worse. Is Armageddon coming ?  How long will it be ? Do we need to be in a specific organisation ? 

Some scripture talk about being in our inner rooms, other scriptures mention two men working in the field and two women working at the grinding mill ( I think ) , one taken and one left behind.  Another scripture says something about not going back into your house to get an outer garment, I think.  Problem is, i cant keep it all in my head properly.  

Jesus has said the end is near, so we should be ready, vigilant and enduring, knowing that God's Day will be upon us soon. One interesting thing that has been going on lately is the marriage between the political powers and religion, something of which was in full swing since 2015, but spoken of time and time again since the early 2000s, furthermore, this push for interfaith while the other seeks security, but in doing so destroying and or siphoning countries.

What you need is to apply the actual biblical truth from the Bible and abide by them, this goes for all men, and regarding JWs, their community knows that, as with all Restorationism for they hold to how the church of the 1st century did things in an organized fashion, hence God's Order, professed by Paul. One Christian who I have posted about before, someone I also make a reference to in my own topics, as with others, stated that if one is a JW or not/former JW, they still have to apply the bible teachings as the early church have done it, but some are often hindered by the actions of others resulting in Christian infighting and or something similar as with a spark of disdain and hatred, and this point shows of what went down mid-2015 and what took place in your country regarding the true gospel vs. the false one. One of the reasons as to why when we speak of men of other countries and or faiths, we understand their views and not adhere to falsehood or conspiracies of which some people point to the masses as truth, when it is really untruth.

As for the Scriptures. Are you referring to Matthew 6:6 or 2 Chronicles 3:8-14? What should matter the most in the End Times is not of your belongings, but, your life. For life is more valuable than gold, and we hold to that Scripturally and Spiritually.

Now this is why meditation is vital, in doing so, you can profess a verse and or passage from memory and from the heart. For example, I am a strong believer in commandment and or Law Shema Yisrael, and as to what it means and what it points to in the Bible, as with knowing that Jesus affirms Shema, as with Paul, who also affirmed it. We have to read and meditate the word daily, just as Jesus and others have done, in all our days we do something for God our Father.

As my father had always told me, always do something for God, even if it is for an hour, even a minute, be it singing, giving praise and or reading, etc. Because in doing so, you show you take the Scriptures seriously, but shows you take the time in your day for God, for you have this day because God gave you life.

That being said, always be vigilant and enduring because you do not know when the Master comes, for it will be unexpected like a thief in the night.

14 hours ago, JOHN BUTLER said:

Yes, sorry SM. I know Anna and I are totally off topic. Especially my latest post. But but but, well no, I admit I'm in the wrong here. :( 

No worries. When ideas come into discussion other things are talked about. For we can discuss apples and sudden moments later we speak of oranges.

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20 hours ago, Anna said:

The librarian must be away. I am surprised he hasn't already created a post with "John Buttler and the derelict mansion"

He tends to focus on the religious clubs. This was a post in the secular part of the website.... I have noticed but don't really care as much as he does if people go off on crazy topics completely unrelated to anything. :D

I blame this on our infrastructure not allowing threaded replies. 

Maybe someday forums will grow up and learn from social media.  .... oh wait I'm sure there is already a thread about this in here somewhere. Ooops

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On 11/1/2018 at 6:14 PM, JOHN BUTLER said:

Anna you made me laugh. My profile photo is my wife and i, though from a few years back. The lady on the digger is my wife. She is twenty years younger than me, and is my third wife.

Aaaah, ok. Thanks for explaining!

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2 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Yeah, my profile photo is from years ago, taken at my eldest Son's wedding.

My children had just tied me to the top of a car and run me through the car wash.

Today I have wrinkles that cast  shadows, and could grow corn.

profile-v-tagged-starwars    600   .jpg

but you have a good heart, so looks don't matter. 

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