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Can we travel through time?

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5 hours ago, admin said:

No. It is impossible since many paradoxes would form if someone did. 

Oh I can think of many. Then you will have the goofballs who will go back in time and do something silly that would cause a huge consequence, reminds me of the book A Sound of Thunder. Some people believe this so they can go back in time to relive the past or something like that.

But the reality is, such a thing is not possible, an there has been quite a few hoaxes and conspiracies that are false in this regard.

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Because of Quantum Entanglement, and the speed of light in a vacuum being set, and the fact that all time is a LOCAL thing, and runs at local speeds, depending on local velocity and the gravity well acting upon the local matter, it is possible to communicate ( with pulses of on/off/on/off ... which can be made into Morse code, or constructed and deconstructed to and from speech ...) to and from the future, but not to travel there .... IF .... you can accelerate to near relativistic speeds.

To get one atom up to the exact speed of light would require all the energy in the Universe. This is why "light" travels in waves, and becomes a particle when it hits something.

The reason I don't, is I can't afford the long distance phone bill.


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      Let me attempt to blow your mind: “Now” travels at the speed of light.
      When the light turns green, I don't concern myself with the fact that the light actually turned green a nanosecond earlier than I saw it. As far as the distances we're used to, “now” might just as well be universal.
      On interstellar distances, you might expect that the lag start mattering. Except it really doesn't. Maybe Sirius isn't there anymore. Maybe it went supernova five years ago, and the shockwave is riding towards us as you read, and it will hit us in another three years. There's no way we'd know. We look up and see the old faithful Sirius sitting right where it's always been. And we can measure its gravitational influence on us and neighboring stars. There is no knowing it's actually gone, and that's because it actually isn't. To someone in the neighborhood of Sirius, the star is no more, but, to us, it still exist. “Existence” travels at the speed of light.
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      15 "So keep strict watch that how you walk is not as unwise but as wise persons, 16 making the best use of your time, because the days are wicked."
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