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      The new Steve Perry album “Traces” is available everywhere now.
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      By Guest
      I think Steve Perry was getting tired of playing with Journey around this time.
      This was also the time period where I think he exerted the most influence on the band with the Raised on Radio album.
      Soon after he and the band would split up...
    • By admin
      From The Original Motion Picture Soundtarck - " Vision Quest "
    • By admin
      This is a song that always gets me rockin' ..... Great to start a Saturday morning with blasting the stereo.
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    • By admin
      Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, Jeff Scott Soto and Arnel Pineda perform Don't Stop Believin'      
    • By admin
      Lyrics: Lost in twilight, the memories Precious moments, you and me We've been old friends, all through the years Picture postcards, sharing tears What's in our hearts, there's never time, to say Need you tonight, lover don't fade away I've seen your city lights As I walk away Why can't this night...go on forever Without love, we won't survive Run together, we rule the night Tell me secrets, oh that make you cry Where's the laughter, we gotta try What's in our hearts, there's never time to say Need you tonight, lover don't fade away Like a photograph That time won't erase Why can't this night...go on forever Go on forever and ever...ever and ever
    • By admin
      “We're Still Here” is the latest track off the Steve Perry album “Traces”
      LYRICS Under neon lights, we claim this town No one can take us down No, not tonight City Boys and City Girls Runnin’ Wild Burning like a fallin’ star Golden stardust, that’s what we are Young voices carry on Come together in the same ole song {Chorus} We’re still here We’re shadows fallin’ The night is callin’ again We’re still here Where love is runnin’ The night is calling, again (Brother to Brother) Another night, Another town Walkin’ my heart around Same old choices, again Like so many tears in the rain Will they remember your name Young hearts reach fearlessly In the night {Chorus} (Sister to Sister) We’re all together (You know, I care) We are… (We will) Always (Be together) We’re still here We’re shadows fallin’ The night is callin’ again We’re still here Where love is runnin’ The night is calling, again (Brother to Brother) Brother to Brother (Sister to Sister) We’re still here Where love is runnin’ The night is calling, again
    • By admin
      “No Erasin’” is off the new Steve Perry album “Traces”
      LYRICS I know it’s been a long time comin’ Since I saw your face It’s been so long since we’re together, In the back seat of your car Ooo, oh You used to be my girl Hold me close ‘cause I remember, How could I forget {Chorus} No Erasin’ I’ve felt this once before No Erasin’ No runnin’ anymore My soul’s burnin’, Just like it was before No Erasin’ Our love just won’t let go Oh… Summer nights in sweet surrender Underneath the stars One more time we’re here together In the back seat of your car You used to be my girl Hold me close ‘cause I remember How could I forget {Chorus} {Bridge} Told you of my love today Rain comin’ down You laughed with me and sheltered me and (Turned me on) You won’t see me, you won’t see how (Ya done me wrong) Ya done me wrong, and you won’t try No Erasin’ I felt this once before No Erasin’ No runnin’ anymore My soul’s burnin’ Just like it was before No Erasin’ This love won’t let go I told you of my love today Rain comin’ down You laughed with me and sheltered me and Turned me on
    • By admin
      Members of Journey including Jonathan Cain, Aynsley Dunbar, Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Steve Smith and Ross Valory make their acceptance speeches at the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Barclays Center in New York City.
    • By admin
      A documentary on Arnel Pineda, who was plucked from YouTube to become the new singer for the rock & roll band, Journey.
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      By Guest
      I used to love to play this song on the piano.....
      Wheels go round and round....
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    • Are you honest? I have just seen you bashing JWs, never acknowledging anything good about them.   You have given me labels many times in your so-called bias - search for something which can only be called truth if it confirms to your personal viewpoint. 
    • We had a joke in SA - the light green people must please sit in the back of the bus...... In South Africa we use the term 'coloured' in different way than USA.   Historically we had a group of people (since inception of SA 370 years ago) who were a mix between black and white and they spoke the European language : Dutch.  So they were officially not black and not white.  To the whites they were never white enough and for the black people not black enough. 
    • Although the "me too" movement has brought the plight  of individuals to the fore I think it is a temporary phenomena.  We will see a few institutions sued for money due to past  negligence (as JWs) to provide a public token of supposed caring and a "show" of justice but the  true and horrific extent of child trafficking and sex abuse will not be exposed.  It is a world- wide network which, I suspect, brings in profits comparable to, or more than drugs,  and is active also amongst the depraved elite, including CIA, judges, princes etc. It will escalate as young children are now groomed by the new UN school curriculim. Child sex abuse is covered up by law enforcement and government institutions we trust because rich and important people are involved.  Here is another general  comment: satan's world will soon not be hidden any longer. It will no longer operate in the shadows. Seriously wicked things will go on in full view of the public as this way of thinking infiltrates all aspects if thinking in society..... like LGBT it will be tolerated.  Mankind is sinking lower and lower in a depraved mental state.
    • OCD is in and of itself not NECESSARILY a bad thing. ...and not NECESSARILY a disorder. It just seems that way to other people who have to endure it .... when they are not interested in that particular application.
    • One gets a sense of who really is here to get closer to the truth of a matter (within reason)  and who just wants to destroy - like Satan.  Satan: always wants to win by destroying all truth and reasonableness and uses deceit.   I do see a general attitude here at times. Sorry if it hurts feelings but there are people here whom I have called out as having OCD because I already know what their answer will be. They revert back to same old answers and behaviour expecting different results. I guess I am predictable too.  I hate deceit......  People are pretty disrespectful these days..... burn the bible, call jesus names... I think we will see very bad behaviour in future towards all who believe in christ. 
    • True, however, testing the spirit does not include drawing one's own conclusions outside scripture. I have not found an insistence where the Watchtower has gone beyond what is written. Do they try to simplify certain things, yes they do. That doesn’t mean they are stepping away from the context. Another thing is with the comparison made. The GB are following the true spirit of God like the apostles. Therefore, they have NOT taken the position of the Jerusalem counsel. If you have, then you sit in Moses seat. Matthew 23:2 If the passion is to correct, as God corrected his people, Then I would suspect there is a resemblance to be equal to Christ as the Pope seems to indicate. The GB do not hold themselves in that high regard as to think, they can question God's motives for humanity. I would recommend studying the issue further. There are areas that haven’t been included with many presentations here. Since you claim the Watchtower is misrepresenting an issue that has become an obstacle to your personal faith, then I would make light of JTR and TTH comments about contacting the Watchtower directly. Feeding an assumption only emboldens the God of this world, no one else. Correct. There is only one way to view scripture. Anyone deviating from that is causing personal harm to the spirit of others. It doesn’t matter if those individuals hate the Watchtower, it’s by their own spoken words and actions of clear and concise misinterpretation of scripture, and misapplication of the Watchtower literature where they fail to see the difference. Removing themselves from the context of scripture to argue with the strength of hate and discourse is the sole definition of scripture when Christ clearly stated not to and to stay away from. Those are the dangers when we engage in an open forum. We like to think it is to discuss issues. However, the ever present danger will always be, the influence of the devil. It is one thing to defend the truth, but quite another thing to defend the truth when one’s heart is conflicted. Merely following that conduct disqualifies anyone from stating they are Christian. That is the kind of Christian Jesus spoke of as a danger. The confusion would lie with how the public perceives the Watchtower under the direction of the bible Student association. The word “association” should give anyone, pause to rethink, Russell and Rutherford belonged to the International Bible Student Association. A reason, Rutherford dismissed the edger pyramid scheme straight up. Russell, used it as a comparison, nothing more. Another thing that witnesses should consider, those works were made by not allowing Christendom’s view of scripture. Therefore, Russell essentially started from scratch. There are far more reasons why those dates were accepted. Mainly, by events of that time. Bible Students still believe, the Jewish nation has a pivotal role in the last days. According to Christ everyone became relative in the last days including the Jews. They are not the sole reason for the last days as Christendom exerts. Remember, even the most conservative view which is Bishop Ussher, his calculation referenced 586BC as the 3rd instance of judgment by Nebuchadnezzar. The third, not the first nor the second as historians and scholars claim, but the third. This is why history itself is flawed, since they continue to insist, there were only 2 campaigns against Judea and Jerusalem. Mainly 597-587BC. I will not beat on the bush with this one. I am confident we both know what limitations are imposed and previous actions taken.  
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