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Airbnb Posts a Great Quarter

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Airbnb booked "substantially more" than $1 billion in revenue during the third quarter, the company said yesterday in a memo. That means this fall was Airbnb's strongest quarter since it launched in ‘08.

Feels like a few things were missing from that memo, no? All Airbnb disclosed was a loose revenue stat. But according to CNBC's insiders, Airbnb...

     1) Is on track to be profitable for a second straight year

     2) Reportedly posted $2.6 billion in revenue during 2017

     3) Is worth about $31 billion

All that without a permanent CFO since February.

Not to mention, this marks the first time Airbnb released its revenue...scheduled conveniently ahead of its proposed 2019 IPO. Sound familiar, Uber?

+ While we're here: In-law guest rooms are being swapped for industrial chic lofts in record numbers this Thanksgiving. Airbnb said it expects one million guests to stay at its U.S. listings during the holiday.

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