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Molten Salt Reactor Fundamentals

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National and international efforts to develop new sources of carbon-free energy are exploring a nuclear power concept first introduced in the 1950s and 1960s: the Molten Salt Reactor. This design is vastly different from our current light water nuclear power plant and is inspiring a fresh look at the technology. Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are working on many solutions necessary for the design, construction, and operation of a full-scale molten salt reactor. We have expertise in radiochemistry and real-time online monitoring, as well as materials design and performance testing.

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The Soviets tried this with their nuclear powered submarines ..... all works well as long as it works well .... a much hotter transfer medium, with more heat carrying capacity ... but when a pump breaks down or has to stop, the piping "freezes" and the sodium WHICH IS A METAL, freezes solid, and the entire multi-billion dollar submarine becomes a boat anchor that cannot be repaired.

Some things CAN be done ...... but should NOT be done.

As Elvis found out the hard way ... Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches and cocaine makes a pretty hot "fire" ... but it does not last the night.

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They could just use the first version of nuclear reactors that produce less waste and that still are running.

They don't want to because they are greedy and want MORE $$$ FASTER.

Amazes me the stupidity of mankind sometimes.


Oh... and there are a couple of other modern designs that are impossible to get to the meltdown stage but they never seem to get built for the very same reasons.

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Greed is what has improved EVERYTHING on this planet.

People who want, and GET, outrageous profits are the ones who have made better cars, airplanes, cell phones, computers, and every other thing .

Greed produces the competition that has made our current world better in every way.

I used to "do this stuff" for a living, for DOE ... but am currently considering making a 1.21 Gigawatt Fusion Reactor for my car from a "Mr. Coffee" coffee maker,  which will go more than 88 miles per hour ... but cannot seem to find the time! ( cues the cymbalist ...)

.... uh ... the car ... not the coffee maker ... uh ... 88 miles per hour.

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