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Old Dracula (1974) 



She was baptized in 1974. In her first years as a Jehovah's Witness she used her popularity to draw media attention to the persecution of his spiritual brothers in Malawi under the dictator Hastings Banda. After the baptism she continued to work in the show until 1983, when he retired to devote himself completely to religious activities. Teresa Graves died in a fire in 2002.


The experience of Teresa Graves is narrated anonymously in Awake! of 8/10/77, p. 16-21.







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On October 10, 2002, the home that Teresa lived in with her mother, caught on fire while Teresa was trapped inside. The fire was caused by a space heater and sadly there was nothing the neighbors, nor fire department could do to get to her before she succumbed to the fire. As far as we know, she didn’t have children and she died just how she’d lived her life in her later years- without much fanfare and shrouded in her religious faith. Ms. Graves was just 54 years young. 

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Speaking of the phenomena of JW Celebrity Media Stars:

From all reports, Teresa Graves seems to have been the exception to the general rule about JW celebrities. She lived modestly with her Mother, and if memory serves, was a Pioneer minister, when not making TV shows.

Neither Michael Jackson, or Prince were ever reproved or disfellowshipped for their deep immersion worldly lifestyles, so it it's no surprise that not a WTB&TS "peep" will be heard about Serena Williams illegitimate baby, etc. ( mentioned in above List  posting).

I know that Prince contributed $30,000 a month to the local Kingdom Hall, and I suspect MJ did something similar..

It seems probable to me that how Prince, MJ and Williams have escaped Congregational public censure and sanctions is simply a matter of their fame and money giving them complete immunity.

Can you imagine the global headlines if either of the three were disfellowshipped, or publicly reproved?




What gives credence to this theory is that in the State of Delaware, the Society's Lawyers have openly perverted Justice in trying to delay the trial of a woman suing the Society for child sexual abuse, by changing the venue from a county that has an open docket, to a county that has a very crowded docket, about which the Judge was NOT amused, and called them on it.

Deliberate evil, to try and win ... by attempting to bankrupt the Plaintiff's legal team.

Like all religions ... once there is a large stream of free money, and you start accumulating more and more real estate .... justice and mercy, and basic fairness become completely lost.

Of course ... there has to be some mechanism where the people that know about what is really going on are kept from talking about it to others who do not know, or the whole skein would unravel.

That's why we punish, and often irreparably destroy, whole families and extended families ...... for the sins of one, singular person.







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It seems God will have a bit of work to do if He wants to celan this lot up then :) 

Maybe He will just advise Jesus Christ to destroy the whole JW Org and Watchtower Inc. 

Then maybe God will start a new org using the name Yahweh. 

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      Graves Teresa - KABC Radio interview.mp3

    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Get Christie Love is headed back to ABC. The short-lived 1970s cop drama spawned from an ABC TV movie of the same name will get the reboot treatment courtesy of Vin Diesel. The movie superstar has teamed up with Power creator Courtney Kemp and Debra Martin Chase (The Princess Diaries) for the Get Christie Love TV reboot, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
      The original 1974 Get Christie Love TV series was produced by Aaron Spelling and starred Teresa Graves as the drug-busting undercover detective with the sassy catchphrase, “You’re under arrest, sugah.” The ABC crime drama only aired for 24 episodes, but Get Christie Love made a powerful impact in another way. Series star Teresa Graves made history as the first African-American female lead in an hour-long network TV drama. The next female to land a lead role in an hour-long U.S. drama series didn’t come until decades later, when Kerry Washington was cast as the star of Scandal.
      According to THR, the revamped Get Christie Love is being described as “an action-packed, music-driven drama that centers on Christie Love, an African-American female CIA agent who leads an elite ops unit.” The series will also feature “an emotional mystery about Christie’s first love — unearthing the truth about this relationship will be the biggest mission impossible of her life.” No actors have been attached to the modern-day version of the series yet.

      News of the Get Christie Love reboot has many nostalgic viewers remembering Teresa Graves. The actress was most famous for her role as Christie on Get Christie Love as well as her work on the sketch comedy series Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. While she was a hot TV star in the 1970s, Graves stepped away from the spotlight for good in the early 1980s to focus on her involvement with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Teresa Graves’ final show business appearance was in a Bob Hope special in 1982.

      Sadly, Teresa Graves passed away in 2002 at age 54. The actress was found unconscious in a bedroom of her home after a fire swept through the residence. According to Graves’ obituary in the Los Angeles Times, the fire was caused by a faulty space heater in the back bedroom. A smoke detector in the front of the house went off, but failed to awaken the former TV star.
      You can see the intro to the original Get Christie Love TV series below.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      indice di notorietà: *** 

      paese: USA 


      Ha proseguito nella sua attività professionale dopo il battesimo? SI 

      La letteratura Watch Tower ha mai fatto cenno a questo VIP? SI (Svegliatevi! 8/10/77 16-21) 


      Se è probabile che il nome di Teresa Graves dica poco o nulla al telespettatore medio italiano, non si può certo dire lo stesso di quello americano. La Graves è stata infatti un’attrice televisiva molto popolare negli USA degli anni ’70, soprattutto per la serie TV Get Christie Love!, ove interpretava una deliziosa detective in [mini] gonnella. 
      Manifesto promozionale della serie TV Get Christie Love, con la Graves in bella evidenza. 


      Aveva iniziato la propria carriera come cantante per i Doodletown Pipers, celebre gruppo vocale che si è esibito, fra gli altri, con Perry Como, Bob Hope e Bing Crosby. Nella seconda metà degli anni ’60 divenne molto attiva in televisione, dapprima come ospite di varietà (Turn-On, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In) e in seguito come attrice di film per il piccolo schermo (The Rookies, The New Dick Van Dyke Show). Del 1974 è la sua unica esperienza cinematografica di rilievo, Old Dracula, ove recitava a fianco di David Niven. 
      Con il grande attore britannico David Niven 
      in una scena del film Old Dracula (1974) 

      Si battezzò nel 1974. Nei primi anni da testimone di Geova sfruttò la propria popolarità per richiamare l'attenzione dei media sulla persecuzione dei suoi fratelli spirituali nel Malawi sotto il dittatore Hastings Banda. Dopo il battesimo ha continuato a lavorare nello spettacolo fino al 1983, quando si è ritirata per dedicarsi completamente alle attività religiose. Teresa Graves è deceduta nel 2002 in un incendio. 


      L'esperienza di Teresa Graves è narrata in forma anonima nella Svegliatevi! dell'8/10/77, pag. 16-21. 
      Alcune immagini di Teresa Graves. 



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