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2 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:


One time in Western Virginia, circa 1966, there was a race riot and people filled the streets, blocking traffic ... and I came upon them unexpectedly.  They stopped my car and I could not pass. 

VERY angry people.

I just took out my revolver, and put it on the dashboard of my car... and BEHOLD! ... the crowd parted like Moses marching through the sea ... and I went on my way.

Very long ago I heard an anecdote about the gun.

An older man was driving the car in the streets of Zagreb. Suddenly he must stop the car. In front of him there were some young people who blocked the road with their motorcycles. He came out and asked them to move motors, so he could pass. The guys started laughing and they told him; "Come on, grandpa, count us and see how many of us there are.

He returned to the car, took the gun, came back to them and asked; "From whom do I start counting?"

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@Srecko Sostar Well he is very lucky those guys are not armed. As of recent, a thief entered a guy's home, long story short, he got the upper hand on the guy with the home owner's own gun.


That being said, what I am asking you and Rook about of what is of high importance connections to some situations like this. Your example is like that of several cases in Brazil.

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@Space Merchant Well if it were up to be I'd be way too panicky to do anything. However I am the kind of person who would take random action without thinking straight. One instance would be a friend and me helping someone woman who was in shock while her car was about to catch on fire. Although we didn't do much when the firefighters too over, they said we were the only ones who reacted and took the initiative. I remember that day my heart was racing. My old man taught me to always help out and even gave some lessons before a bible study, but this situation was sudden.

I would guess the thing you are looking for is

Awareness of one's surroundings and taking the initiative.


In Jersey there is a small neighborhood community who is discussing protecting children and one core thing that is being talked about is teaching kids, it also goes for making wise choices and association. 

I'm still a younger, so there's a lot I don't know yet but things I do know benefits me.

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@Equivocation @Srecko Sostar @James Thomas Rook Jr.

And since December, not a word from the 3 of you about this sole word when it comes to the realm of self defense and the like.

I will say it here for you since this answer will not cometh from either of you:

Compliance. It is an action commit by those when they are in such a situation, mainly in the example I professed. It is not the best one, but in terms of self defense, it is a second nature type of tactic unknowingly or unknowing committed depending on the situation and or events that lead up to such things.

And child, when and how did this happen? In my head, I am thinking of when the car starts to smoke, and then ignite into flames and fire, and eventually explode. One of the common things that causes such, overheating.

Aside from that, the situations have worsen, our children are not protected even on the social plain, such as YouTube and other forms of chat and communication that they use today. Know what your child are doing, speak with them because anyone can talk to them or lure them by means of these forms of media. We live in a day and age whereas people seek to cause harm and prey on children, such ones by going into schools, churches, and clubs, what have you. Education enables a child to react before an attack is made or an attack made by someone else, and this is vital, an example of an uneducated child, as of recent, is what is taking place in the realm of homosexuality and the trans community, and apparently, those who seek to prevent ill action are at a loss here vs. those who educate.

Again, better solutions at work.

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Not a whole lot of peeps are compliant. Some will often feel the urge to fight back.

In a setting for younger guys and gals, sometimes we feel that something can be done if a peer is in trouble. The teachers encourage us to resolve conflict in the best way possible, for me I take it a step further by applying Bible principles also. There are people out there that get proved waaaaay to easily. 

Now younger guys and gals who are in elementary or middle school, not always they hey that kind of education and the whole situation with bullying and early depression and all that can o' worms business. 

It's like a repeating cycle that never ends. It can't be stopped but only prevented and or resolved if you are lucky. Kind of like an assembly line with boxes of problems and issues lol, my friend's boyfriend complains about jobs like that but he keeps the job to earn money until he can go back to school 🤣😄

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@Equivocation Not every child such as you are fortunate. I can tell you this, some have it greater than you, some have it vastly worse than you. Children, if not taught, if not discipline, they can get into some crazy things, which brings me to when it comes to protecting out children, what today's day and age is mentally feeding our kids.

Bullying is always a problem, a good friend of mind took her life over it due to the embarrassment of something immoral, which she was seduced into doing. The one who is the aggressor, in this case, tends to be, at some point the victim.

We can teach and educate in this regard, but we cannot prevent it, just as we cannot 100% stop, abuse, gun violence, war and other things, for people think there is a miracle plan to causing all such things to perish, but they need to open their eyes to the reality of the situation. Some situations can be prevented, others cannot, some can be halted, some blow up into some bigger and difficult to control, etc.

Complying, in this regard, is used on default by many, even among the trained. They, if they have an opportunity, can act, if they know what they are doing, the latter would be someone taking action and failing whereas it could lead into problems and someone losing their life. So regarding this, some people would have to play ti safe and smart.

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The irony here is that we see people bring forth the idea of self-defense yet when it comes to core things to know in this regard, nothing has been said. This concise with what we should be teaching our children and nothing has been said expect the latter. With recent events, it should be made known that even adults need to be educated in some sense because they too reap consequence from their actions, so it can be said, not children alone, but rather all people.

Some grown folks should know better: 

    Hello guest!

The actions of even older folk of the same blood can cause not just consequence to them, but to their own. Clearly they didn't learn that it is not ok to cheat.

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@Space Merchant Well everyone needs to be educated. As for self defense, I wouldn't know all aspects of that. But yeah I don't know how it was for you guys, but in my case people today are only proving Prophet Isaiah's point. Isaiah 5 verse 20. Some kids are getting the oh so wrong type of education, amigo. 

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2 hours ago, Equivocation said:

Well everyone needs to be educated. As for self defense, I wouldn't know all aspects of that. But yeah I don't know how it was for you guys, but in my case people today are only proving Prophet Isaiah's point. Isaiah 5 verse 20. Some kids are getting the oh so wrong type of education, amigo. 

Indeed, everyone. As for self-defense all I've uttered is the elementary stuff compared to the middle to high level things. What I brought up is common with all persons in all levels of self-defense.

And yes, that verse is indeed correct in regards to this situation of this world

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

That being said, they've integrated things into the schools and professing such as normal to the children, even outside of the churches, clubs and educational institutions, we have influence from communities that pushes people, young people to do bad things, i.e. having a 10-11 year old child dancing for money in bars. Clearly that is not right, but should you say anything about it you are attacked, and in this sense that is in the realm of child abuse in of itself, and clearly no one bats an eye.

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On 12/12/2018 at 11:43 AM, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

the threat of certain punishment would deter almost all of these potential cases, except for the retarded or insane.

Or.....they would make damn sure they never got caught. But yes, I agree, report all child abuse to the relevant authorities, clergy privilege or no clergy privilege.

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