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Online IQ test results from different countries

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Amazing that regardless of wealth or political system some countries give similar results. For example North Korea scored at 106 on average and South Korea did the same 106. And that is among the absolute top of the world. 

So for a good society average high IQ in it self does not guarantee that. High IQ is useful for solving tasks. But if an evil person has high IQ, then he can do much damage. I would say that a kind person with low IQ is better than an evil person with high IQ.

We are all members of the same body as the Bible says and every type of person can be valuable for the society and for God.


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I think the advantage of South Korea compared with North Korea in living conditions lies in the fact that South Korea has had a much larger percentage of "christians" in its population.

But just being "a christian" country has not given the same effect in many Eastern European, African and Latin American countries. But in the same time their average IQ:s are not so high either.

So when you combine christian values with high IQ, then the living standards get a real boost.

But I don't think life in paradise will require especially high IQ. The climate will be mild and warm. And people will be able to grow food year round. So there will not bee need for high IQ to survive. 

Actually many of the technical and chemical inventions today are a source of environmental destruction. 

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