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The amount of money the average woman will spend on makeup in her lifetime is SHOCKING....

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I'm a guy, and just joking around, I have worn makeup.

Wanna know.... how I got ... these scars?

I remember the wife of evangelist Jim Bakker, co-evangelist Tammy Faye Bakker was sued for her makeup.

Somebody tripped over a chunk that fell off.


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Cosmetics companies mount huge marketing campaigns to sell overpriced cosmetics to women.

The man driving a ridiculous $75,000 money-pit of a pickup truck is a considered to be a regular old consumer.


But a woman spending $50 on a bottle of shampoo is considered a victim of the white patriarchy.

How about if we ALL sober up a little and stop laying the blame for all of our own human pride and weakness and folly on other people?

Maybe we would all get along that way?

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