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When the Wind Blows

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Can you sleep when the wind the wind blows?
When it howls and thrashes like nobody knows. 

You can if you prepare in advance, no matter what the circumstance.

Like a hired hand during a storm, has no cause for alarm.

Safely snuggled in his bed, becouse he prepared for the storms ahead.
The storms that surge and rage, (matt 24:3 luke 21:11 luke 21:26) wont rattle u (Matt 24:6) as they rampage. 

God is our refuge and our strength, a helper in times of distress when were teetering on  the brink.

A storm is comming upon mankind, dont be mislead dont be blind. 

Don’t be lulled in false peace and  security, for sudden destruction will  instantly be.

Seek refuge in Jehovah & organization & you'll be safe, no matter what we may face. 
For he is true security, (ps 46:1) a safe place from atrocity.

For look Jesus is comming as a thief, (1thes 5:2) soon we will have relief.
Set your mind and faith on jah dont feel alarm, and u will rise above the storm.

Like an eagle soaring above the raging storm riding the winds and safe from harm.  Hope in Jah on wings of eagles u will soar, regaining power feeing weary no more. 
Rise above the storm don't  give up no matter what we do, our faith in Jehovah will pull us through.

Prepare now and when troubles comes our way, we can sleep when the wind blows.

Winds..so do not delay!





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