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“Happy are the pure in heart, since they will see God." (Matt 5:8)

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“Happy are the pure in heart, since they will see God." (Matt 5:8) 

What Does It Mean to Be “Pure in Heart”? - I See God Do You?

In the Bible, “heart” is often used in a symbolic sense. According to one reference work, the Biblical term for heart indicates the “innermost part of man” and “is supremely the one centre in man to which God turns, in which the religious life is rooted, which determines moral conduct.” The heart represents what we really are on the inside. As the above-quoted work highlights, it is this that Jehovah examines and that he appreciates in his servants.
(1 Pet. 3:4)

In the Bible, “pure” and “clean” can indicate what is clean in a physical sense. But the terms are also applied to what is uncontaminated—not adulterated, soiled, or corrupted—in a moral and religious sense. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus declared: “Happy are the pure in heart.” He was referring to those who are, in effect, clean inside. (Matt. 5:8) Their affections, desires, and motives are pure. Motivated by love and gratitude, they love Jehovah with all their heart, sincerely, without hypocrisy. (Luke 10:27)

In a world that is ever more corrupt and morally degraded, we as true Christians stand out because we love “purity of heart.” Our life is influenced positively as we experience the inner peace that results from doing God’s will. Above all, we enjoy an intimate friendship with our Creator, Jehovah God, who loves those who are “clean in heart.” (Ps. 73:1) 

Yes, we can be included among the ones who will be happy because, as Jesus promised, “they will see God,” as He acts in behalf of those who love “purity of heart.” (Matt. 5:8)


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