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    • So at family worship my PIMI husband was talking about baptism with my son. He asked him when he would like to get baptized and my son said “Dad I’m not in any rush. Jesus was 29 when he got baptized”. I did not coach him or teach him this. I was just so thrilled that he is thinking more for himself and using logic. Also, what the hell was Jesus doing from age 10-30 before his ministry anyways? But dont think about Jesus getting himself and his family financially secured for 10 years before spending 3 preaching... that is thinking that is not tolerated by the borg!
    • Not necessarily.  As a "good" elder's wife, I didn't know it existed since I never looked into his briefcase; and as a "good" elder, he never told me it existed.   "Covert" -  hidden or secret, such as covert military operations. "Extremism" - the fact of someone having beliefs that most people think are unreasonable and unacceptable, such as religious extremism. Yes, I would call it,  covert extremism.   -----------------------   Keeping in mind that the organization has among its members an authentic priesthood appointed by God, (1 Pet 2:5,9)  who are “represented”/replaced by men appointed by men, Pearl Doxsey, an anointed woman, posted the following just yesterday, and it fits well with this topic.  To all readers here, please, don’t just read it and not look up the scriptures.  God’s Word reveals what we face today in the organization.  I work to expose "Jehovah's Witnesses", by exposing the false doctrine produced by their leaders. This I do through a comparison of their doctrine, to the very Bible they claim to be guided by. In this post, I will offer scriptures that shed light on the office of "elder", and how that office is defined by the WT, as a station by holy spirit, authorizing an "elder" to render judgment over others. Many JWs and exJWs have observed injustice in that arrangement. This is because the WT's arrangement, authority, and power of their "elders" is exposed as a lie, according to scripture and prophecy. The only ones sanctioned by Jesus as judges, were those chosen to fill the office of priest (John20:21-23). If God's chosen priests (being both men and women) were not trampled and stripped of power, replaced by Gentile "elders" who have no real divine authority (1Cor.3:17; Matt.24:15; 2Thess.2:4; Luke21:24; Rev.13:10,7; 11:2; Isa.28:7; Matt.24:49)....... .......then the judgments being rendered by those whom Jesus did give authority to judge, would be very different (John20:21-23; 1Cor.6:2) from those passed by "elders" today. There would be no tolerance of pedophiles, domestic abuse, or shunning of sheep. [Shunning was to be limited to those "called a brother" of Christ.... anointed, who fall into an alliance with the Devil.] 1 Corinthians 5:11; Rev.2:20; 17:6; Luke12:45 Yet this replacement of God's priests by the Gentile "man of lawlessness", was prophesied to happen. How? Scripture tells us, that the false prophet "breathes" into the image of the Beast (organization) so that it appears spirit-directed/(breath-infused), and authorized to condemn to death, any who refuse to worship that image (Rev.13:11,14-15; 19:20). Jesus mentioned the "disgusting thing standing in the holy place". It is in plain sight... but as Jesus said, "Let the reader use discernment/perception/understanding" (Matt.24:15; Mark13:14; Eze.36:8). Articles:  “Jew or Gentile” "Trample" - How does it happen? 4womaninthewilderness blogspot              
    • Oh?  And you have moved beyond the limits of the flesh to speak, not just things that you believe to be true, but things that ARE true? Next thing you know, you will be joining Witness in claiming to be the “true” anointed
    • :))) you are not a person who speaks things that are not true ...... only things you believe it is true, but you claiming funny thing with this.  Please go to JW library, link below, and you will not find nothing about this elder's book, or pioneer's book ....they don't exist for public.  https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/lv/r1/lp-e/0/56506  
    • Everybody knows the book exists. Pioneer service school also has a book not for general distribution. Everybody knows it exists. They either know of it specifically or they know of it in the ’Well.....duh!’ sense that they know that any training of any class of any subject in any discipline just may feature a curriculum and textbook not for general distribution. It is not a conspiracy. The world is not flat. GM did not invent a 100 mile per gallon carburetor that they have sat upon for umpteen years.
    • @James Thomas Rook Jr. I believe this 'Rule Book' shifts the goal posts quite often, with updates on certain matters.  Also as you say it is Elder's eyes only. So how do the congregants know proper the 'rules' then ?  Surely each Elder could 'translate' the rules according to His own needs.  And as you say 'Most JWs don't even know about that book.  What does that show ? It shows that congregants are naive and blindly follow the words of the Elders.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Separate comment  @Srecko Sostar John 10:16 Jesus said :- "I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd." So there are two folds it seems. A fold can be a hollow in the ground, or a group of people.  I always thought a 'fold' was a fenced area in a field or farm yard.  My point is that i think the Greek scriptures are for the Anointed to follow more closely. The Anointed are in one fold, the earthly class in a different fold. But are one flock because they follow the one shepherd, Jesus Christ. However, i think God and Christ demand much more from the Anointed because this is the testing ground of the Anointed, here and now.  The earthly class will get a thousand years to grow back to perfection, and then a final test. 
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