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Thorny Oyster Smiles at You!

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Don't you just love his smile?
Made me smile!

Thank you Jehovah you have made these in wisdom and you have humor in your creations! 

Spondylus varius
…a large species saltwater thorny oyster (Spondylidae) that is known to occur in the Indo-Pacific Ocean and off Australia, China, the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan. Spondylus varius are often found at depths of around 30 m, and like most bivalves is a filter-feeder, feeding on a range of zooplankton. S. varius is sizable, with individuals growing up to 15-20 cm in lenght. 
Animalia-Mollusca-Bivalvia-Pectinoida-Spondylidae-Spondylus-S. varius
Image: Nick Hobgood


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