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1882 C.E. Watch Tower Publications

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British government controls Egypt, Egypt is a British dependency, although under its native khedive, the British army stayed in Egypt, and British will was really the law. In 1914 C.E. the Egyptian khedive sided with Turkey, which had joined Germany in the First World War, the British took over in Egypt, deposed the khedive and declared Egypt a British Protectorate. [Britain and the United States of America became opponents of the prophetic KING OF THE NORTH and together they came into the position of the KING OF THE SOUTH.] See yw pgs. 220-63.


w-E * Zion's Watch Tower

Outlines of Sermons: The Tabernacle and Its Teachings  (Supplement to February 1882 Watchtower (not in Watchtower Reprints))

The Minister's Daughter


Part of the ...


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