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9 Blue Footed Booby Facts

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9 Blue Footed Booby Facts: Unofficial Mascot of the Galapagos...
About half of the world's blue footed boobies live in the Galapagos Islands. ...
Their name comes from the Spanish word “bobo” ...
Males with the bluest feet have the greatest chances of mating. ...
They're related to pelicans. ...
They make their nests out of dirt and poo. ...
Blue footed boobies are excellent divers.

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9 Blue Footed Booby Facts: Unofficial Mascot of the ...
Five Facts About Blue-Footed Boobies
They love showing off their blue feet.
They nest on the ground using self-produced materials.
They are collaborative parents.
Their name comes from their awkward movement on land, as well as their azure feet.
Males and females look a lot alike.

Wonderful Creatures Created by Jehovah God. Amazing! 💙

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