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Guest Nicole SG

A bit of meat, a lot of veg - the flexitarian diet to feed 10bn

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Guest Nicole SG

A diet has been developed that promises to save lives, feed 10 billion people and all without causing catastrophic damage to the planet.

Scientists have been trying to figure out how we are going to feed billions more people in the decades to come.

Their answer - "the planetary health diet" - does not completely banish meat and dairy.

But it is recommending we get most of our protein from nuts and legumes (such as beans and lentils) instead.

Their diet needs an enormous shift in what we pile on to our plates and for us to turn to foods that we barely eat.

What changes am I going to have to make?

If you eat meat every day then this is the first biggie. For red meat you're looking at a burger a week or a large steak a month and that's your lot.


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Guest Nicole SG

This plant-focused diet won’t save the planet

Richard Vernon says population reduction would do more for the planet than a change of diet, Stuart Roberts and John Davies extol the benefits of British farming, Dr Michael Antoniou calls for balanced scientific information and Paul Faupel on meeting his dietary needs with chocolate-enrobed brazil nuts

Damian Carrington gives us a fine review of the “planetary health diet” in his article (New plant-focused diet would ‘transform’ planet’s future, say scientists, theguardian.com, 16 January). It’s clear that this diet offers both better health than the current norm of a high-meat diet, and a more environmental food production system with its emphasis on plant rather than animal production. However, I doubt the validity of some claims in the report.

The report states: “Food is the single strongest lever to optimise human health and environmental sustainability on Earth.” Population reduction is a much more powerful lever. It reduces not just the need for food, but also the need for energy, housing, transport, schools, climate change mitigation strategies and waste disposal.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/18/plant-focused-diet-wont-save-the-planet

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Nutritionists also called for a balanced diet, food pyramid etc decades ago...

How did that work out?


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Guest Nicole SG

I haven't read about any result :)


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