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FelixCA Challenges John Butler

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Then you challenge God’s sovereignty and superiority. I would have to ask, who are you to challenge God? Are you Satan as the inference implies? Hitler was an evil man as a youth. That darkened heart continued to increase over the embarrassment of having his country lose a war and having Jews gain some control over the motherland. Therefore, the Hitler analogy is inadequate in how someone would blame an organization or society. Seems like an overreach bordering on mental instability.


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6 minutes ago, The Librarian said:


What timing. We overlapped. I had already tried to pull these comments over to a new thread here. If you don't feel like moving all the other comments here, I think it's OK to split this into two topics, or I can move these ones over there, since that would be easier - just two posts.:


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I see that @JW Insider and @The Librarian have had some fun here. 

However a couple of the comments from Felix have gone missing, or i can't find them, See below. 

The comment at the top of this page was answered before it was moved. 

FelixCA has posted a comment on a topic, Raymond Franz 

FelixCA said:
1 hour ago, Witness said:

Can you give me scriptural verification that the GB is God's coordinated earthly rule?

The Watchtower has corrupted the decrees of God – His Word. God’s “laws” are the source of life which Jesus brought us as, “The Word”. John 1:1 His teachings incorporate every decree God expects us to follow. The WT leaders “judge” and “measure” according t ...

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Witness said:
1 hour ago, FelixCA said:

What part of Christ words in Acts 20:28-30 fails you.

I have no problem at all with it.  I do not lay down new decrees for men to obey as the GB is known for, and admits to doing.  (Check with Anthony Morris about this)  This is "distorting the truth" - Christ's truth.

Felix the Cat carried around a Magic Bag of Tricks.  I'll just say th ...


That's the bits I cannot find. I'd saved these on my emails but could not find them on the topics.  Regards, John 

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