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What's the deal here? Which way is it?

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If I accept a Bible study, do I have to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses? No. Jehovah’s Witnesses love teaching people about the Bible, but we never force anyone to become a member of our religion. Rather, we respectfully present what the Bible says, recognizing that each person has the right to choose what he or she will believe.—

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So in the video example, these two guys stop studying with the guy because he won't come to meetings and take steps to become a jw? 

Makes you wonder which of these two, presented by the wt, is actually true? I believe the later is most true. They need converts and since the cart work is sooooo busy, although I've never seen anyone at those carts who weren't jw's already, they must have people knocking down the doors for study and have to turn away those who just are not progressing. 

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Witnesses are instructed that if a person does not make progress then don't waste time on them. It is that simple. 

They don't teach 'about the Bible' anyway, they teach JW views and interpretation of the Bible. 

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