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Queen Esther

Two ways claim in the world, photo, words / poems

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Two ways claim in the world,

Two ways claim in the world,
They found God:
A wide reputation,
Another strait, with a bad road!

One often makes a parade,
With miracles, fasting, fast!
Another, let's see,
From the Scriptures cast service!

One goes through sight:
Idols, relics, saints, miracles!
Jehovah's other demands,
Holy Spirit in prayer!

The world is the broad way,
With "mosaic" religions!
The life of the world is on the stretcher,
Dead spirit, eternal nothing!

The world has a queen,
Who wears the scepter of death
And on the forehead he blamed:
"Babylon the Great Proportions!

She is a prostitute,
Riding a big beast!
Being drunken with blood of saints,
The abyss will disappear!

It is believed to be approved,
But Jehovah hates her,
The bells start to beat,
And announces the sea, "plunder!

The beast himself throws it,
And she straddles her
From the commandment of Jah,
Babylon to break down!

I was broken now,
Full of blood and despair!
The life of the world is like the wave,
What flows into the wilderness!

The holy people jubilee,
With palm branches!
Jah for always governs us,
With Jesus: "An Iron Bracket!"

( unknown author )

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    • By Queen Esther
      *Jehovah purify my heart, please*
      Jehovah purify my heart, please,
      I can think of highs, values,
      For by birth, sin remains drug,
      He whispers to me in one, "Anyway you die!"
      Jehovah make it more practical to be,
      With your divine will, eternal harmony,
      Give me Jehovah a spirit of poetry
      For what it is, what it will be for!
      Jehovah facing you I am right
      And I want to be honest, and I want to be right,
      Give me a spirit of Jehovah, to support them all,
      When Satan gets us all, a lot of sticks in the wheel!
      Everything goes to victories, just as you want,
      Who can stand in your way? Man as a cowboy?
      You are all-powerful among gods,
      Who can stand your way? Man as a bucket?
      Delear my Lord, and today, all that I have today is wrong,
      I can walk on the street, and be happy!
      You are the father of the planets, you are the father of everything,
      You get rid of the system, that's lamenting - death!
      ( unknown author )
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