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Jack Ryan

Those who choose to shun their own children choose the illusion of self preservation over their offspring

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They may sincerely think that they are being loyal to Jehovah, but at the end of the day they are choosing everlasting life for themselves over being a part of their children's lives.

The organisation teaches that shunning is a loving method of having their children return to God but even at my most convinced and indoctrinated I saw straight through that.

Everything considered, these parents are making a selfish choice.

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What's more, they know that coercing offspring back with exclusionary bullying doesn't magically make the latter true believers, so yeah, it's all about their own status within the congregation and their belief in their OWN everlasting (without memories of their children) life.

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Lev. 18:21, 20:2 Shunning your children, literally cutting them out of your life as if they were dead, is NO DIFFERENT than sacrificing them to Molech.

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