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Queen Esther

Jehovah, the dream shore.... poem - words

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Jehovah, the dream shore,

Jehovah, We Dream of Dream,
Jehovah, Majesty,
Jehovah, Paradise,
Love and Justice!

Jehovah love,
Jehovah, Holy Spirit,
Source of "Living Water"
And Peace On Earth!

Jehovah, the Symphony,
Jehovah-Holy Father,
Eternal Harmony,
In Heaven and on Earth!

Jehovah Compassion,
In the heart of my beating,
I have rare feelings!

Jehovah, -He Dream,
Love, Holy Life,
Eternally in Paradise,
You are the one who teaches us!

Stay in my mind,
A God of Love,
As the only God,
What Provides Immortality!

Too bad that this world,
Embarrassed, she hates you,
Refuse Your Name,
Sick being sick!

Satan's system,
It ruins in the abyss,
With banner worshipers,
And without Paradise!

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