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Fædrelandsvennen have released an official English version of their award-winning article about the JW legal system

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Official response:

No Time for an Interview

Over a long period of time Fædrelandsvennen has attempted to get an interview with the JW Branch Office for Scandinavia regarding the practice of the judicial committees.

The Branch Office at Holbæk is the entity which connects the world headquarters at Warwick, New York with the congregations all over Scandinavia.

The Norwegian spokesperson Mr. Dag-Erik Kristoffersen has declined the interview request. He has been provided with information about the specific cases in this article and knows that Fædrelandsvennen is writing about the ’Elder Manual’, «Shepherd the Flock of God».

Kristoffersen’s only reply is an email, and his comments are not on the specific cases:

«We do not wish to spend time on an interview, since the questions you raise are about fundamental issues. All is very clearly explained in our internal book, from which you refer, as well as in magazines such as Watchtower. This is not something secret, something new or unknown.

Jehovah’s Witnesses is a Christian church, and we have some clear biblical guidelines on how to behave in order to enjoy and be part of the life in the congregation. If someone commits serious sins against the moral code of the Bible, a judicial committee must address whether this person can continue to be part of the congregation. The book which you have, explains how a judicial committee works and the biblical principles they must follow.

If there are personal disputes, e.g. financial, the Elders in the congregation will try to help the parties agree to some settlement. In cases of theft or fraud, a judicial committee will be formed. This is also the case when it is necessary to disfellowship a member of the congregation.

A decision by a judicial committee can be appealed, and the case will then be tried before another judicial committee.

It is as simple as this, and we have no more to say about this matter.»

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Fairly factual document, disregarding the mild journalistic sensationalism.

Actual quotations from elder's procedural guidance show their scriptural basis, so any disputing will clearly be over the interpretation and application of scripture. Such arguments generally deteriorate into an assault on the validity of Biblical directive, attacking if not authenticity, then asserting antiquity as grounds for obsolescence. Once again, the fact that behaviour that is legislated as criminal by the state is handled from a spritual standpoint by the congregation is presented as if it had some significance.

Case studies.

No 1 presents a woman subject to domestic violence. For some reason, she married a man who had already subjected her to abuse.The catalogue of abuse that she and her children eventually brought before secular authorities was denied by the perpetrator. However he was found guilty despite his denial in the face of witnesses. The matter was handled from a spiritual standpoint by the congregation. However the approach was too lenient from the victim's standpoint, and she feels her testimony and that of her children was discounted by those who handled the case. Although eventually the abuser was disfellowshipped, his apparent reinstatement seems to have taken place rather quickly, and the unresolved issue of his continued denial of abuse in the face of his conviction on evidence remains. The case is presented as being mishandled against the congregational procedures which is unusual. The article states that the victim: "has nothing against the church itself. Yet she contributes to Fædrelandsvennens article. Her most important motive is a hope that change of internal procedures, guidelines and attitudes in her church may be possible". It is difficult to comment on  the case as only one side of the matter is presented. An ARC type investigation on video would be necessary to make a judgement. Any opinions outside of that would just be prejudiced.

No 2 presents a couple who decide on aborting a child due to the mother's mental state. In the ensuing judicial case within the congregation, they successfully feigned repentance in order to avoid disfellowshipping. Probably this is presented to illustrate the fact that the determining of repentance is a flawed process? In any event, the couple are now experiencing spiritual difficulties as a result, but apprently attribute this to some sort of perceived 'mind control' by the religious system rather than guilt over their terminating of the life of the foetus.

No 3 presents the case of a woman who embarks on a course involving fornication on a number of occasions with more than one partner. She objected to the fact a confidant informed the elders of her conduct. She understandably did not enjoy her experiences before the resulting  judicial committees, and although not disfellowshipped the first time, she was on a subsequent occasion after repeating the violation and on the grounds that she did not demonstrate a sufficient level of repentance. (This is the normal grounds for disfellowshpping). She finds her experience of being disfellowshipped as most unpleasant.

No 4 presents a woman subject to sexual abuse within the marriage. Lack of suitable testimony  meant her complaints to the police were dismissed. It seems (apparently) her complaints were sympathetically viewed by the elders, but their advice for her to try and resolve the matter was not satisfactory. Although she had grounds for a separation, there was no scripturural basis for divorce. She decided to divorce on secular grounds and remarried out of the religion. This scripturally constituted an adulterous marriage,  and she was subsequently disfellowshipped for this violation.

The agenda of the publishers of this article seems to revolve around the assertion that Jehovah's Witnesses have a "legal" system to circumvent that of the state. There is also an undertone of disapproval of the effects of the disfellowshipping arrangement.

The citing of the instructions to elders and the scriptural basis for them is actually very helpful in evaluating what is presented in the article, although it  is not clear if that was the publisher's intention.

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Case No 1. 

Quote "In 2010, before her husband became an Elder in their congregation, the abuse escalated even more. One of her sons, then 15, couldn’t take it any more."

It would appear that the Elders didn't act because the 'husband' was an Elder.  This seems to follow a pattern where Elders stick together to help each other when one is in trouble. 

What happened to the scripture about looking after 'widows and orphans', because this woman and her children were almost a 'widow and orphans' in the fact that the husband/father was not doing his duty of protecting them, but was in fact causing injury to them. 

The facts of him causing injury seem clear enough from medical reports and police evidence. 

but the black cat still blindly sticks up for the JW Org. 

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"The organization is highly devoted to what they perceive as the correct understanding of the Bible." 

Jehovah’s Witnesses is a Christian church, and we have some clear biblical guidelines on how to behave in order to enjoy and be part of the life in the congregation. If someone commits serious sins against the moral code of the Bible, a judicial committee must address whether this person can continue to be part of the congregation. The book which you have, explains how a judicial committee works and the biblical principles they must follow.

Here is the moral code:

 Jesus answered, “The most important is Listen, O Israel! The Lord our God, the Lord is one. 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. 3The second is, Love your neighbor as yourself.There is no other command greater than these.”  Mark 12:29-31

No other, JWs. 

In court the boy also reveals how he had witnessed his mother knealing in front of his stepfather, begging for mercy.

And how he, the 15 year old, tried to go between them to stop the violence. But nothing worked. It’s then he, out of sheer desperation, together with his older brother, approached the Elders in their congregation. The brothers tell the Elders what is going on at home.

"I can’t witness this any more, how my mother and baby brothers are treated". That’s what he told the Elders. But they did nothing," says the woman.



If there was true love among the entire army of leaders in the organization, the elders would have acted upon it and responded to the boy's plea for help.

"Because lawlessness will multiply, the love of many will grow cold."  Matt 24:12 

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    • Coincidences are not evidence in favor of God. Now, can you deal rationally with the argument?
    • I didn’t know you were asking a question and I thought you were giving a personal observation. I'm not disputing the body of Christ or the kingship? I was questioning where Russell saw himself as part of that kingship. You are giving an impression, Russell thought he had that "guarantee" when no one on earth does. Christ will choose who, not the "saints" or the GB for that matter. They hope their fine work will be accepted just like the rest of us that will stay here on earth. OV313 HOW AND WHAT TO FIGHT "The Good Fight" By C. T. Russell The whole world may be divided along these lines into two classes, the one guided and controlled by earthly affairs and interests, and the other by heavenly hopes and interests. The former are what the Scriptures term the "natural man," and include many of earth's noblemen, as well as the earthly, sensual, devilish. Those controlled by the heavenly hopes, called the "spirit-begotten," "new creatures," are but a small number, and include some.   The Lord's favor to Daniel in permitting him to have a high position in Babylonia and subsequently in the Medo-Persian empires is contrary to his dealings with Spiritual Israelites of the present time. He deals with us not according to the flesh but according to the spirit. Consequently the rewards we get for faithfulness to him are spiritual rewards, "much advantage everyway." The Lord expects that the heavenly hopes and prospects set before us of a participation in the heavenly Kingdom as joint-heirs with our Lord, the Messiah, will be esteemed by us as of greater value than the honors and dignity conferred upon the prophet Daniel in the past. And we, too, so esteem the matter. Let us continue to thus view things from God's standpoint, until by and by he shall say, Enough, come up higher.   Who then -- In the harvest. B163 Few would be found giving to the household of faith meat in due season at his presence. R718:4 Faithful and wise servant -- Faithful to the "Master" and to "his fellow-servants" and "the household." D613 God's grace will probably come through a human channel, through the helpfulness of the fellow-members of the body of Christ, whom the Lord will make use of in serving the meat to the household of faith. R2383:4 Ever since the Church has had an existence, God has raised up some from its midst as special servants of the body, some who had special teaching ability. R1206:4 God in his own time raises up suitable servants or expounders to dispense his meat in due season. A319 Servants who are anxious, not only about the amount of service, but also that it be in exact cooperation with God. R1797:1 Merely a steward, liable to be removed at any moment should he fail to fully and duly acknowledge the Master in every particular. D613 One channel dispensing the meat in due season, though other channels or fellow-servants will be used in bringing the food to the household. D613 A special messenger to the Church at this time. R6023:3* Some one servant (animate or inanimate) whom the Lord would specially use in the present time to dispense the present truth. R1994:3 Originally applied to Pastor Russell by one who became his bitter enemy. He avoided the discussion which followed, except for references in Volume 4 and when the passage occurred in the International Sunday School Lessons. R4482:1, 4473:3, 3811:2 Thousands of readers of Pastor Russell's writings believe that he filled the office of "that servant." His modesty precluded him from claiming this title. OV447:6*; R6011:2*, 4482:1, 2489:4* While this exhortation in general seems to apply to one particular servant, we can see the same principle would apply to each servant in turn as he would receive either food or stewardship. R3356:5 Whether you like to call it a class or individual, whatever it be. Q355:5 Let each reach his own conclusions and act accordingly. R4483:3, 1946:2; Q644:4 The whole body of Christ, faithfully carrying out their consecration vows. R291:6, 149:5*  .  This is what you are missing. You are projecting with a guarantee something Russell didn’t consider himself to be aside from being a faithful servant alongside the brotherhood. There were times when certain independent Bible students believed the “church” was the WS. Therefore, they all believed the members met that requirement of being saints.   Was "The gospel of the kingdom" ever preached in all the world during past ages? The Scriptures declare that the immortality of human souls and eternal torment is not the gospel, Galatians 3:8. But, now, today, the gospel is being carried to every nation on earth by the one, faithful and wise servant of the Lord, Luke 12:42. The coming tour of the world means something. Yes, dear friends, soon shall the end be. Lift up your heads and rejoice when ye see these things beginning to come to pass. Why? "Because your redemption draweth nigh."   Just like AlanF, you want to cherry pick. However, tell your pal, JW’s were constituted in 1931 therefore any material he submits before that, belongs to the “Freedom Bible Students” or the “Associated Bible Students”, not the original “International Bible Student Association”. Pastor Russell was part of.
    • When you don't pay much attention to what goes on in your life, God can go unnoticed but if you start to notice the coincidences that are always going on, things get interesting. Here's an obvious one.                     Twin Towers Lone Tower.doc
    • You must be reading something into this that isn't there. The quote I think you were trying to remember is probably this: *** w17 February p. 26 par. 12 Who Is Leading God’s People Today? *** The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. Therefore, it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction. . . .Of course, Jesus did not tell us that his faithful slave would produce perfect spiritual food.  
    • Yes, @Arauna, an excellent challenge for you. Put each “joke” under the microscope. Analyze it with critical thinking skills to PROVE that it is funny or not funny. Just think how enriched your life will be! It is like when I watch Colbert. I do not just laugh because the plebeians are laughing—what do they know? It might be a trap. I run each joke into the lab for a bevy of tests. If I determine thereby using science that it was funny, I laugh my sides off. If you actually read things before you worked on your rebuttal, you would see that @Arauna‘s comment has nothing to do with chronology. It has to do with political developments that she has in position to know that will make you wish the end had come, even should you be on the wrong side.
    • You haven't yet addressed the main question which I repeated for you, so I'm guessing that you ARE already aware that Russell taught that those of the "high calling" were included in "The CHRIST." I have no idea what it means to be "missing the 'hope' part of my understanding." Are you saying that Russell said things which were not in line with who Russell really was? Did he only hope to be the faithful and wise servant, when he claimed to be the faithful and wise servant? Did he only hope to be God's mouthpiece when he said he WAS God's mouthpiece? If not, please explain. I don't want to twist your words.
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