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CUBA: Greetings from a Circuit Assembly

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      On January 27, 2019, a tornado hit Havana, the capital of Cuba. With wind gusts of up to 322 kilometers per hour (200 mph) - which makes it the strongest storm that hits the island in almost 80 years - the tornado carved a 11 km trail ( 7 miles) of destruction that damaged buildings and caused flooding. At least 4 people have died, and 195 were injured.

      No brother or sister was injured or killed by the storm. However, 26 homes of our brothers suffered damage, 3 of which are used to hold congregation meetings. Arrangements are being carried out to take care of the necessary repair work.

      Traveling Overseers have been providing spiritual support to other faithful who have endured the tornado and its side effects. We pray for the Lord to grant our brothers and sisters peace while recovering from this disaster. - numbers 6:26.
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