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When will God’s Kingdom come?

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When will God’s Kingdom come?
• No one knows
• Soon
• Never

“This good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14) Once the good news has been fully preached, the Kingdom will come to bring the present wicked system to an end.

• No one on earth knows exactly when God’s Kingdom will come.—Matthew 24:36.
• Bible prophecy shows that the Kingdom will come soon.—Matthew 24:3, 7, 12.

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God's idea of soon could be hundreds of years from now. 

There is not one 'religion' serving God properly right now, so Judgement Day is still a long way off. 

All the horror pictures used by the GB and JW Org are just bullying tactics to frighten people. What a way to try to teach people the 'truth'. 

The JW Org needs cleaning out if God is going to use it, so don't hold your breath over Armageddon. 

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God's day can be any day, one just has to be prepared for it. Keeping vigilante is vital, being spiritually strong is extremely crucial and important. There are those who do not understand things thing it is a bit extreme, others, as shown, think it is bullying, on the other side of the spectrum,there are real God fearing men, women and children who don't water down what God is going to , they see what their counterparts do don't see regarding what God can and will do; but sadly, those who cannot see or are weak, misguided in faith are ones who brush over even what Prophet Isaiah had said and so forth, as is with the words of others. Woe to them because when something is said it goes in one ear, and out the other.

God's day will be a great day indeed for those who are enduring, those of whom God knows who are for him, but it will be quite the opposite for those, who willfully knew who God is and does things not according to him or things by means of his Son, who built the church, and in the end, they will see for themselves of God purpose and will be finally realized, both the righteous and those of good and heard the spoken word of God, and both the unrighteous those who willfully done bad while knowing God's Word.

That being said, spiritual wisdom is for those who seek and examine it for better understanding, as is with building up faith in knowing God and his Son and what promises his Kingdom will bring, one key thing that people will benefit from is eternal life.

This is why we must keep walking, for at the end of the road there is promise that was spoken of.

Endurance, vigilance, faith, etc. 

A hint of discernment can show cracks in the armor of those of little faith, and the strength of those who have an abundance of faith in terms of spiritual wisdom.

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