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1 hour ago, Melinda Mills said:

As Tom Harley said, they might soon obtain a picture with him on the toilet seat.  Give the man some privacy. Jesus and his disciples had wine with their meal.  Wine was like water in the Mediterranean regions. Paul told Timothy to take some wine instead of water. 

This type of “hit piece” reporting ( it doesn’t matter who the target is) has a way of resolving into nothing.

(Now, if I should see him in there every single day........)

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15 hours ago, Jack Ryan said:

Where did he get such money? I thought he made a "Vow of poverty" as part of the Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses?


12 hours ago, Srecko Sostar said:

Vow of poverty is funny instrument, and why to apply that on people who has nothing? 

There is something very childish about these remarks, as though one has gone on a "starvation diet" and his enemies later come along and are upset that he has not starved to death.

It is very very unlikely, I think, that dedicated funds account for his spree. If you have worked with Jehovah's Witnesses, you simply know this.

He co-directs an organization directly benefiting 8 million persons, and indirectly benefiting many more. That will include friends in financial high places; those sort of friends are not stingy.

In Knorr's time, he being the one to funnel vendor business here and there, some of those vendors would lavish gifts on him. I've been told (anecdotal evidence - @JW Insider will know things like this) that he had given him (I think by a paper manufacturer) a Cadillac or two, which mostly just sat there in the Bethel garage. At the time, such was standard practice anywhere, and since many members of Congress enriched themselves that way, laws were passed against it. Not sure if they were passed to dissuade anyone other than Congress, though.

I appeal to JWI for facts, even though he corrected me when I wrote that the GB rode in the wheelwells of airplanes so as to get from Point A to Point B as cheaply as possible. 'Nah, they don't,' he said.

Have parallel things happened in this day with technology vendors? Dunno. Maybe. What! is anyone other than Lloyd so stupid as to think he is guzzling himself away after a day's work pondering God? It may even be intended for entertaining those vendors themselves, who, when they come calling, distrust the Kool-Aid.

Now, the GB doesn't do business deals, like Knorr did. They have them isolated whereby they simply think about God, like the apostles in the first century who didn't want to be distracted by "waiting on tables." So that suggesting doesn't fit so closely as in might with Knorr. But still...

Every exchange I have had with Lloyd reveals him to be a pretty nasty piece of work. That does not mean that he will not have plenty of allies, for he gets the job done. But he has an affinity for bullying and taunting gifs. I used him as a window into the world of opposers, but I ultimately dropped him from my feed, because I was too tempted to answer him. Every exchange shows him up as bullying, but it gets wearing even though I like to show him up in that way. There really is something to that circuit assembly part geared to teens (with spillover for adults, probably, as good general council) about that kid who replied to one "apostate" because he just got mad at the truth being maligned & and he was reasoned with that it might not be such a good idea.

Here is my latest (ideally my last) episode with this character:


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8 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

In Knorr's time, he being the one to funnel vendor business here and there, some of those vendors would lavish gifts on him. I've been told (anecdotal evidence - @JW Insider will know things like this) that he had given him (I think by a paper manufacturer) a Cadillac or two, which mostly just sat there in the Bethel garage. . . .  I appeal to JWI for facts. . . .

I am still under my own self-imposed gag order with respect to joining in discussions of anything controversial that might affect anyone's view of Witness doctrine and Watchtower practices, past and present.

Also, I have not listened to Lloyd Evans for more than 5 minutes, total. I heard he did a fair job on the Montana CSA trial, but I have only read the court documents. I know nothing of this liquor store picture/video, and am embarrassed to comment in a topic with this name. I go into a liquor store almost weekly myself because the owner lets me take about 30 strong cardboard boxes every Saturday night or Sunday morning. Once every month or so, I'll feel bad about taking advantage, so I buy a bottle of wine. I need the boxes because I'm in the middle of culling out literally thousands of books from my shelves and storage, and other things from my garage and basement, that I've been donating and tossing. Hundreds of these books were given to my wife when she was the school district's Director of Second Languages, ESL, and Curriculum. They lavished sets of books on her because she made decisions that would mean tens of thousands of dollars for these vendors. I have no direct knowledge of Knorr's gifts or offers from vendors, if any, but I've heard about similar rumors.

Drinking stories were always rampant at Bethel. There were always stories of higher-ups getting drunk, but this was likely fueled by younger Bethelites who were looking for excuses for their own behavior. The cooks who worked an after-dinner late shift only available to "higher ups" had the most consistent stories, but I still saw signs of exaggeration. But I have seen young Bethelites get drunk, and it was shameful and embarrassing. (For some 19 and 20 year olds, Bethel would have been their first real experience with alcohol.) I have seen housekeepers gathering liquor bottles from rooms and the sum total would have surprised anyone. I was sometimes surprised that people were periodically sent home for stealing and immorality, but never (that I knew of) for excessive drinking.

This does not mean that excessive drinking was ever condoned. I heard plenty of good scriptural counsel against excessive drinking from the Bethel "morning worship" following the discussion of the day's text. 

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4 hours ago, Melinda Mills said:

Jesus and his disciples had wine with their meal.  Wine was like water in the Mediterranean regions. Paul told Timothy to take some wine instead of water. 

The wine in Jesus’ day was mostly “peasant wine”, harvest wine.  It was barely fermented and had to be cut with water to make it palatable because of the lack of filtering.  Wine today is not the same wine as thousands of years ago.  The fermentation process has come a long way since then.   




I wonder what the reaction would be if a JW happened to walk into a liquor store for a bottle of whatever…and found his “neighbor” from the kingdom hall buying up over $900.00 worth of whisky and other alcohol, on any day of the week.  My, how the rumors would fly. They fly if a man offers an unmarried woman a ride to the kingdom hall.  But something like this, would most likely catch the attention of the elders who would be moved to make a “shepherding call”. 

But in this case, a GB member, who had his opinion in the creation of the opening video below, is given all sorts of excuses for his actions. 

I can’t believe JWs do not see the hypocrisy. JWs don't WANT to see it.




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37 minutes ago, JW Insider said:

I know nothing of this liquor store picture/video, and am embarrassed to comment in a topic with this name.

I just watched the video from the last post. Very creepy. Seems it should be illegal to post a video like this. GB TMZ. Easily misinterpreted, too.

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2 hours ago, JW Insider said:

Also, I have not listened to Lloyd Evans for more than 5 minutes, total. 

That’s 5 more minutes than me. It is very hard for me to indulge in these podcasts because the host is almost always obnoxious, petulant, or dull beyond words.

Reading I do much of, where one can cover the ground much faster and can even skim for something new if the bulk of it is drivel, as it often is.

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Internet sources.

NOT JW explanation:

1) Furthermore, another perspective motivating people to take the vow of poverty is the sheer inequality in the world. Rather than simply acknowledging the existence of poverty, individuals who take the vow gain first-hand experience, an experience that may better equip them to aid the poor in the future.

2) A vow, taken by members of some religious orders to renounce all personal property; everything they possess being used for the common good.

JW explanation:

What is involved in serving under the simple Vow? It means that those in special full-
time service have formally entered into an arrangement in which they agree to expend their full-
time efforts toward the advancement of a religious goal. It also means that they are doing so
without any expectation of being paid, as one would be in a secular setting. Members can enter
into this arrangement because the Order sees to it that each member's basic necessities of life are
cared for. Although the term "poverty" is used in the Vow, this does not mean that the
Governing Body is asking you to relinquish ownership in property that you now possess or that
you may acquire in the future. Rather, this expression means that you agree to forego the
expectation of being paid for your endeavors while serving in the Order and that you also agree
to not seek gainful employment while serving in the Order. As those of you who have devoted
many years to special full-time service can verify, this is the arrangement under which special
full-time servants have been living for many years, even prior to the time when this arrangement
was formally documented through the signing of a previous vow.
Concerning point six of the Vow, sources of income other than work are not affected by
being under this Vow. It does not pertain to income such as interest from bank accounts or
bonds, dividends from stocks, rent received from property owned by the member, and other

Page 4 of 4
income unrelated to present personal efforts. It does not apply to gifts, inheritances, or
unsolicited benefits, which a member of the Order may receive from time to time. Any of you
who are receiving income from possessions are not required to turn these monies over to the
Order, although you should be aware that (his income is no doubt subject to taxation.
In summary, reading prayerfully and signing the Vow does not mean that you cannot own
property or that you have determined to donate all your material possesions to the Order. Rather,
it documents that you have agreed to serve Jehovah as a special full-time servant, serving in
cooperation with others in the Order, without expectation of financial gain. and that you have
determined to refrain from any gainful activity while in Jehovah's special full-time service.
We are pleased to present you with this direction from the Governing Body and trust that
this letter answers any questions you may have. However, please feel free to write to the branch
office if you have any remaining inquiries.

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  • Similar Content

    • By Queen Esther
      THE VIDEO OF BROTHER ANTHONY MORRIS    ( source, our  Brother  Jose Antonio Gutierrez Garcia )
      My dear brothers and sisters,
      I respond to those who have asked for my opinion. Therefore, those who do not know what I am talking about, do not ask me.
      The past days, I received in the mailboxes of my Facebook and Youtube pages, a video that is circulating among the apostates of our Faith. Evidently it has been sent to me as a joke.
      Of all of you my deep disgust is known for all those who are not satisfied with their distance from our community, now they have dedicated their poor lives to be our satellites, whining how poor they are, and looking for ways to intoxicate weak minds like their own.
      The video in question tries to convince those who want to swallow it, that one of the members of the governing body, Brother Anthony Morris, is in a liquor store, buying a lot of bottles of whiskey, a very high price on the bottle, and spending a large amount of dollars.
      Do you know what it is to EDIT A VIDEO? I explain it to you.
      It is a process by which an editor places fragments of video, digital effects and any other audiovisual material on a tape or a computer file. To edit a video is simply to MANIPULATE it, that is, to join some images to others, eliminating some, enlarging or reducing others already edited, incorporating music and sound, digital effects, titles and any other material.
      That can be done with bad intentions. It is a way of cheating.
      Well, brothers, the idea is this.
      FIRST, I have no doubt that apostates are human beings. But, that is precisely his unforgivable sin. Because if they were pigs or literal dogs as the Bible calls them, they would have some mercy from Jehovah. Now, they are intentionally sinning against the holy spirit, by attacking the holy people of Jehovah.
      SECOND, everything, absolutely everything that these people do, aims to slander, blaspheme and lie against our people. Proverbs 18:48 says that "the mouth of the wicked causes bad things to bubble up." And Psalm 35:20 says: "For it is not peace that they speak, but against the quiet of the earth things of deceit are still plotting."
      THIRD, the video in question is EDITED. It is not a continuous image, but it is formed by different cuts, attached to each other at the will of the person who recorded it. Does that matter a lot? You are right. Because it raises unanswered questions, such as where is it that the brother takes the bottles with his hands? Where is it that the brother goes with his cart and the 8, 10 or 12 bottles (depending on who tells the story) to the box and pays them? Where do you see that the cart that the brother of the store takes out, carries those bottles?
      Moreover, my brothers, let us suppose that Brother Morris really buys a few bottles of whiskey. Do we know its final use? Is it for your own consumption or is it for the Bethel house, where many guests are received among travelers, Bethelites, volunteers, civil authorities, etc., etc.? The hypocrites will say that we can not drink alcohol. That is false, I can drink the wine or the liquor that the Bible authorizes me, without the excess that leads to drunkenness.
      But there are even the hyper-hypocrite people who accuse the brother of spending the money that the "poor little" brothers donate in the contribution boxes of the whole world. And who knows what is paid in cash? Where is the teller's testimony telling us the amount paid? Who claims that Brother Morris paid with Bethel money or did it out of his own pocket? Many may not know, but we have brothers who were millionaires before leaving their businesses and keep monthly revenues to devote exclusively to the Kingdom. But the hypocrite will say that they make a vow of poverty and of course, according to them, that means becoming hermits, wearing sacks and asking for alms in the streets.
      Finally, those who have fewer neurons in their heads, wonder how it is that the brother was not preaching on Saturday morning. You have to have your face like the flint to demand from US accounts of how we direct our spiritual life. I do not intend to answer that stupidity, considering how the faithful slave dedicates 100% of their lives to serving the entire community of witnesses.
      I'm sure they read these apostates, simple people to whom it's easy to cheat. Let's see if your mind manages to assimilate these words: Whatever you do, say what you say, you can spend the rest of your sad lives plotting, make the videos that you like, slander what you like, deceive those who are like you .. .... but LIVE GOD, you will never get the attention of the world Jehovah's Witness community. You are indifferent to us. We know that the hour of your punishment is approaching and we are moving away from you lest we spill your blood. It is true that some "presumed witnesses" pay attention to you, even cowards who remain in the congregations betraying their brothers without being discovered.
      1 John 2:19 says: They came out from among us, but they were not of our kind; because if they had been of our class, they would have stayed with us. But [they left], so that it would be shown clearly that not everyone is of our class
      Few words to say. It is more of the same. YOU DO NOT READ, NEITHER LOOK, NEITHER HEAR, nothing that comes from our opponents. They take refuge in what we are forbidden by Jehovah, to speak to them and that is why they speak in the desert, boasting that because we do not answer them, they are right. Stupid, the youngest of the witnesses would sweep you off the map, with the biblical arguments that we have. The great tribulation is prepared. Everyone that the angels catch in contact with this hybrid apostate offspring will be dead. I call them hybrids because they come from the union of two individuals of the same genus but different species, humans and demons.

    • By Judith Sweeney
      It is no big deal.  At least he knows the best Scotches....:)    Nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks.   I imagine that he could use some relaxation from all of the pressure.     Geesh, people need to Get Busy....yeah, the new "GB"  get busy!  Clean the yard...mop the floor...better yet...LOOK IN THE MIRROR!
    • By The Librarian
      Born: 1950-
      Location: ?
      “Tony” Morris as his friends call him 
      Part of a series about:
      Served in a medical capacity at Long Binh in the Vietnam War 1968-1970 (discussed in one of his talks) (Link here when we find it)
      Studied with Jehovah's Witnesses and subsequently baptized in 1970.
      He married his wife Susan who is Irish. (year ?)
      Was in full-time service from 1971-74, then raised two sons (Jesse and Paul) and resumed full-time service in 1979.
      He served in the circuit work and went to Patterson in 2002.
      He has two sons (Jesse and Paul) both reportedly serving in Bethel. Appointed to work in the Service Dept. and served as a helper to the Service Committee of the Governing Body. (as one of the "Nethinim" in 1992 and reportedly even wrote that article while serving in the writing dept.)
      Announcement of his appointment to the Governing Body was made on August 24, 2005 

      Once commented regarding the Society that "We tried running a loose ship [in the 70's], and it didn't work."
      Anthony Morris expressed his views on tight jeans in Rome Italy - January 2014
      The Real Armageddon - Why? When?
      In 2019 he was caught up in a controversy over his buying lots of expensive hard liquor at a liquor store.

      Talks by Anthony Morris III (on the first wiki)

      In one video I saw, Anthony Morris III makes the comment "I come from a wealthy family, you all know that". Does anyone know who this family is? What is their business? Where does such wealth come from?

      Related items;
      US Branch Visit - Saturday November 8, 2014
      Comments on Ireland's Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage - June 2015 
    • By Jack Ryan
      Video removed from Youtube.
      Scroll down for another copy.
    • By Jack Ryan
      JW.org Wiki - Homosexuality.mp4
      This talk was from a Zone Visit in Italy around 2014
      See also:
    • By Jack Ryan
      This is a common question from the public.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Discurso Anthony Morris III-Organizados para hacer la voluntad de Dios.pdf
    • By Jack Ryan
      He is a current member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses 
      Anthony Morris on Ireland Gay Marriage Vote (HD).mp4
    • By io.porog
      July 2015

      Note: These posts are for the purpose of indexing JW Broadcasting Program Parts for easy access and look up on this site, as JW Broadcasting does not yet have a search function. Most parts have been linked directly to the video for that part, for easy access. You may like to use these links for personal or family study. Enjoy!

      Presenter: Bro. Anthony Morris III GB

      Translation: Namibia RTO Dedication report Length 5:22 mins

      Theme Talk: “Jehovah’s Servants Will Be Persecuted” Length 22: 53 mins

      Enduring Trials: Sis. Aynura“With Jehovah, I Am Not Alone” Length 6:18 mins

      Truth Transforms Lives: Sis. Kimiko Nakagawa “Love Convinced the Saul of Sado” Length 7:14 mins

      Discussion: Child Abuse Length (approx) 8 mins

      Become Jehovah’s Friend: Protect Your Children Length 1:52 mins

      Apply Bible Principles: Choosing a Career With Eternal Future Length 4:58 mins

      Truth Transforms Lives: Bro. Michael Lemoine “I Put the Truth On Trial” Length 7:16 mins

      Original Song: Glad I Passed the Test Length 2:22 mins

      Closing Video: Mahaut & Marie-Galante Congregations, Dominica

      Full Length 1:09:03 mins

      *Full length time includes intermediary comments

    • By Jack Ryan
      Phillip Morris Company is now called Altria, Inc.

      I saw this thread on Facebook and would like to know the truth.

    • By Jack Ryan
      Is this how Jesus would speak about one of his dear sisters? Or does he sound more like a Pharisee?
      See also:

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    • You were the one making the statement without any evidence I did not make any statement that they were clean or not, what matters is that the GB refused to give evidence clean or not. Or should we recap what Garry lush mentioned on his statement or what Geffry Jackson said in case 29 thanks to them I see where the GB stands. I'm sure U will come up with some incredible amusing excuse but what it was said has lots of repurcussions to the point that my wife and I can not believe another word that comes from them.
    • There is this question too: can a child rapists be rehabilitated?   Experts in the past put children back in the home with the perpetrator if he was the father.  The latest:  there are experts who say this  cannot be changed.   We know that Jehovah says: "this is what some of you were...". so our oganization must allow them to attend meetings and still protect children.  A tall order. The difference is mercy or condemnation.  I put myself in place of GB and ask:  Must we make tons of rules..... ?  Or educate parents to do a better job at protecting their own children.  We cannot read hearts or intentions of brothers..... most are not child molesters but there may just be one rotten apple amongst a bunch of faithful brothers....... like Judas iscariot among the associates of Jesus. How can one just make the assumption option that they have without a court conviction?
    • Without any further ado, submitted for your inspection the November 16, 2019, 38 minute episode of "Justice With Judge Jeanine" ... If you have been too busy to keep up with what is going on ... this is a VERY good synopsis..         9PM Justice With Judge Jeanine 11_16_19 _ Jeanine Pirro Fox News November 16, 2019.mp4
    • I for one do, understand how society is looking at past allegations with today's laws. Not that society is better off with the laws made to protect, it just gives people a false sense of hope.
    • Jehovah judges perfectly because he understands perfectly.  BUT you are twisting the facts: It is PEOPLE here on the forum who have appointed themselves as judges and definitely are not perfect judges. They judge the past according to the modern day secular laws that are now in place and according to current society habits. I grew up in the 1950s when these things were a taboo to talk about in society.  AFTER  the 1960s, with the sexual revolution, they started to talk about  this subject in the secular press. When I worked for newspapers as a reporter in 1980s many of the first laws were in place in first world countries and court procedures were slowly refined until 2003. The inquiry that was done in Australia into more than 2000 organizations was done to close further legal gaps in the system.......... BUT these laws are not always enforced in many countries where there are laws.  In UK rape gangs have been operating for years with a blind eye by law enforcement.  Child services, both in USA and UK were exposed to be part of child sex rings and reporters and policemen who try to investigate it, are found dead. This is why I often mention the abuses of high society (the rich and powerful) and other levels of society who are known to marry 9 year old girls against their will - these people get different treatment than others.  .... and JWs are judged harshly because they were not vigilant enough and tried to stop it from 1950s by keeping records.  JWs are now retroactively tried in court with sensationalist press, when boy scouts etc just closed down and no court accountability given..... so it creates a false impression that JWs  condone this.  Other "guilty" members of society (some are teenage boys tried as adults) get many years in prison are branded for life and forced to live in villages away from society for the rest of their lives. But exposed child trafficking rings etc rape rings - nothing done.  This is not Jehovahs justice...... and in the end ..... it will be Jehovah and Jesus who will judge every wicked thing done in secret whether the individual pretended to serve him or not.  In the meantime, millions of children's lives are messed up...... and jehovah will judge those with mercy and love.  If anyone here on this forum thinks for a moment that children are currently protected  - they are very naive to this morally rotten world.  Child services in many cases are now private companies and are in it for money.  Sex trafficking of children is more lucrative than drug trafficking...... and much more prevalent than we can even imagine. I disagree with the assumption that we can understand the mind of these children rapists...... they are so Satanistic.... we cannot imagine the lengths these people will go to and how far beyond a conscience they are..... and they are amongst us ..... and sometimes they pretend to be our moral leaders in society. They are judges, political leaders, military, FBI, MI5, etc etc....where they have more power and resources to cover up their activities  ....and the making of money. Internet porn has exploited children and made them more vulnerable...... The new UN curriculum (forced upon all schools in the West) now sexualizes children at a tender age and is preparing the way for LGBTQ.....P.    We are living in last days where any form of morality is becoming something of the past...... Sexual exploitation of children once was a spoken taboo - soon to be openly practiced by anyone who wishes to do so.  Chidren are being married off legally in many countries as we speak.  In Germany a judge threw out a case where a 10 year old was married off.  This now has set a precedent: police will no longer arrest perpetrators who exploit 10 year olds because this is now regarded as marriageable age. Muslim laws are eroding the old western laws. We are going back to the time before jehovah gave laws to the Israelites.  Like the Canaanites we will see openly child exploitation and even child murder is returning.  In Africa- the practice of using child body parts in witchcraft medicine is back in full scale.  Recently I saw a mother crying.  She found her shepard boy still half alive with half his brain removed, his sexual organs etc removed.  If this shocks you..... I hope it did.  This is the reality of the world we are living in now. Satan is rampant and people with no morals are doing what they like.  There is a semblance of law and order but underneath it all morality is falling apart. People here on this forum try to make JWs into monsters.... when the real monsters who are exploiting children are using the worldly system to do this.  The worldly legal system is becoming less and less accountable and favoring the rich and powerful (and certain favoured minorities) to do as they please.  People here do not understand why I talk about the worldly legal system and its double standards..... Well look at the headline above...... JW opposers are gloating because we are being used as a target by this very worldly system which protects other groups.  Yes - we will be judged by the world and Jehovah. The one, often serves injustice - the other is just and really exists..... which one's verdicts will stand forever?   
    • I would ask what if someone from that time period, remembers the allegation you are sighting differently. Something like not child sexual abuse, but assault on a minor. The reason the ARC has become ineffective is that they attempted to shield government run detention centers from being prosecuted for child sexual abuse. The ARC refused to even pick up the allegation until the media forced them to. How can such accusations be verified. By word of mouth or by evidence that can be substantiated? Meanwhile, wouldn't it amount to gossip?
    • Thank you for your input. I’m still at a loss. Anna mentioned not to be rude, does this apply to me only? If someone is rude and insulting to me, are you saying not to reply? Mr. Rook has commented with humor how he has dealt with people here. This is the clarification I need before I engage. I’m sorry for being too cautious, I hope you can see the dilemma I’m raising. I can see your point of view. My point is entertaining the idea that the GB are earthbound. I cannot see where they could escape from being an earthly organization. I can understand Jesus’ Ascension, but that was without the apostles that were also earthbound. The apostles didn’t have personal insight of all the sinners in the congregations being formed. It goes without a doubt a certain amount of faith needed to be applied just as it’s needed in today’s society. Faith in God of course but also faith in your fellow men that carry the same interest as those worshipping God. Can anyone abstain from sin? You would have to have faith in others that their heart is as devoted as yours. Not to fall into temptation from this world. If someone does, that person should be allowed to show genuine repentance, if not, they should not be part of an organization that commands loyalty and obedience to God, by God's own inspired word.  Then it is not what the organization demands, it's God that demands it. However, I will not anger you or give you an exclamatory downvote since it appears to be forbidden for someone like me. I yield that to you, thanks.
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