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4 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

and who thereafter regarded me as her star pupil for a time, and expressed such disappointment when she found that it was not so.

JWs tend to strive to become "star pupils" of 8 men who have gained control over "Bible teachings", a term you have used.  They have gained control over all JWs as their head; yet, only Jesus is our Head.  I would hope each JW would become a star pupil of Jesus Christ.  Matt 20:25-28; 1 Cor 1:12,13   If that was the truly the desire of a JW, it would not be long before one would realize that the "turf" he or she was once defending was based on the teachings of men other than the teachings of Christ.  Under those circumstances, one becomes a defender of truth in Jesus Christ.  

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10 minutes ago, BillyTheKid46 said:

It would be hypocritical to suggest someone’s opinion in this forum should natter more or above others. I recall a person by AllenSmith34 that didn’t get that consideration. Especially by people like “witness” that complained to the Librarian, I would imagine for his/her style of commenting on realistic views from opposers that want to command an audience but are too weak to accept criticism, from their misapplied views, and supporting false images thereof, and yet believe in their hearts, they are Christian.I guess the same can be side about Morris in a liquor store shopping for “spirits” that are NOT against any scriptural law other than the effect it takes after over-consumption. Then there is scriptural responsibility.The fact this has come about on this particular month reminds me of Alastor



Criticise away Kid you know you love it.  I'm sure we can all take it. 

Do all your pedophile Elders and congregants think they are Christians too ?  And all those that worship your GB, do they think they are Christians ? Get real Kid, see the truth in all of it.  Come down out of the clouds. 

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32 minutes ago, BillyTheKid46 said:

It would be hypocritical to suggest someone’s opinion in this forum should natter more or above others. I recall a person by AllenSmith34 that didn’t get that consideration. Especially by people like “witness” that complained to the Librarian, 

Whoops.  You said once, "who is this Allen Smith?"  I never complained about you to the Librarian, Allen, although I know you most likely turned me in for something.  


And....this is extremely off topic.  

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On 4/5/2019 at 11:47 PM, BillyTheKid46 said:

Now let's get this POST back on track. Morris, a liquor store, and why opposers think Morris is an alcoholic without 100% proof, 

Yeah! once again, the Terminator, brash as he is, nails it.

I like this reproduced letter, and judging from the wording, I even imagine I know which helper wrote it:

While I appreciate the concern of the brother who “witnessed” this, I also have some concerns about the assumptions made. Please keep in mind, there are a number of circumstances that others may not be aware of. For example, using the purchase in connection with visitors, graduates from Gilead or the Branch Committee School. Also, over what period of time will these [bottles] be used? As far as dedicated funds, some of our brothers had businesses prior to coming to Bethel. I will not get too personal on Brother Morris’s circumstances in that regard. It does point out that our dear brothers are a “theatrical spectacle,” so please assume the best of our dear brother. Thank you.

One can be forgiven for imagining @Jack Ryan is having steamy sex over in his domain, so orgasmic is he over this. He has posted TWELVE (at least) separate topics about this!

He is among the ones (those who have gone atheistic) who lectures everyone else about his superior skills of critical thinking. And yet he so clearly—you couldn’t ask for a better example—lets his wishful thinking drag him along as with hooks in his jaws. He leads with his heart, not with his head at all.

Look, IF the brother was a deadbeat flatout drunkard on someone else’s dime, then yes, this is a video that would be consistent with it. But BECAUSE there exists such a video, the reverse is not by any means true. Far more likely is it that one of the factors the Bethel helper mentions is the reality.

Anybody who knows how to think knows this is so, and yet Jack does not know it. He knows what he wants to think, and that is enough for him to fit any circumstance into his foregone conclusion. And yet he would boast of his “critical thinking” skills.

“While I appreciate the concern of the brother who “witnessed” this, I also have some concerns about the assumptions made. Please keep in mind, there are a number of circumstances that others may not be aware of,” the helper says.

No alcoholic could guzzle liquor the way Jack guzzles assumptions. And yet he would tell us that he has broken away from religion and has learned to use his intellect!

He is either incredibly deceitful or incredibly stupid. Take your pick,

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On 4/4/2019 at 6:18 PM, BillyTheKid46 said:

It’s like a former Bethel member giving up insinuations and then, say, but really, I don’t know the reason why they were dismissed, it’s my assumption they were for that reason. That’s hilarious.

I referred specifically to a period of time from mid 1976 to mid-1977 when I saw drunkenness and saw persons getting in trouble for drunkenness. During that time the reasons for weekly dismissals were announced by Knorr from "morning worship" which included Knorr's comments every weekday morning after the day's text and comments. He often went into great detail about the exact reasons that persons were dismissed, and it was almost always for theft or some kind of immorality. Persons were dismissed every week, but during that time there was never an announcement of someone being dismissed for drunkenness.

It was after mid-1977 that announcements about the reasons for dismissals stopped, and this is why we could not assume to know the reasons for dismissals from that point on.

In any case it's still true then, that I saw drunkenness and misuse of alcohol by younger members at Bethel, but never heard of a case where a person was dismissed for it. I cannot say it didn't happen. Yet I did know persons who got away with repeated drunkenness who were never dismissed.

I have never seen a member of the Governing Body drunk. I never even suspected it. One of several persons who claimed that he had seen such a thing, had his own issues with alcohol in my opinion. The only member of the Governing Body I knew well was Bert Schroeder. (I saw and worked near Sydlik, Gangas and Swingle on a daily basis but never got to know them very well.) He hosted a Gilead party in his room after every graduation. Invariably, there were some very talented persons in the Gilead class musically, and a great Flamenco style Spanish guitarist at the very first "Gilead party" I attended in the Fall of 1976. Brother Schroeder served alcohol in his room, but I don't recall him drinking at all, not that it would have been a problem if he did. Everyone else also drank moderately. This was very early and memorable in my Bethel years, and it was the first Bethel "party" I attended.

But among younger Bethelites, alcohol seemed to me to be a bigger problem than I had expected. In 1978, I went to Europe for about 6 weeks, part of it with the Schroeders, and part of it to work at the Athens branch, and part of it to attend various international conventions and visit and stay at 8 European branch offices - not in any official capacity of course, just as a free hotel room. Just before the trip, my brother had just sent me a 5-gallon bottle of Seagrams 7, which I had not opened and I asked my three roommates not to open while I was gone. It was empty when I came back.

Several young brothers at Bethel had lamps that were made from these 5 gallon whiskey bottles, and I gave away the empty bottle to a brother who wanted to make a lamp out of it. Who knows? It might have been passed down to someone who is still there.

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On 4/5/2019 at 11:47 PM, BillyTheKid46 said:

regardless if there was someone as a Bethel Member, that truly knows nothing 


4 hours ago, JW Insider said:

my brother had just sent me a 5-gallon bottle of Seagrams 7, which I had not opened and I asked my three roommates not to open while I was gone. It was empty when I came back.

See, Billy? You achieved the very opposite of what you intended, didn’t you?  ‘Slash and burn’ is not always the way to go.


4 hours ago, JW Insider said:

I gave away the empty bottle to a brother who wanted to make a lamp out of it. Who knows? It might have been passed down to someone who is still there.

Hey, look at the cool lamp that Brother Imbiber left me in his will!


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    • By Queen Esther
      THE VIDEO OF BROTHER ANTHONY MORRIS    ( source, our  Brother  Jose Antonio Gutierrez Garcia )
      My dear brothers and sisters,
      I respond to those who have asked for my opinion. Therefore, those who do not know what I am talking about, do not ask me.
      The past days, I received in the mailboxes of my Facebook and Youtube pages, a video that is circulating among the apostates of our Faith. Evidently it has been sent to me as a joke.
      Of all of you my deep disgust is known for all those who are not satisfied with their distance from our community, now they have dedicated their poor lives to be our satellites, whining how poor they are, and looking for ways to intoxicate weak minds like their own.
      The video in question tries to convince those who want to swallow it, that one of the members of the governing body, Brother Anthony Morris, is in a liquor store, buying a lot of bottles of whiskey, a very high price on the bottle, and spending a large amount of dollars.
      Do you know what it is to EDIT A VIDEO? I explain it to you.
      It is a process by which an editor places fragments of video, digital effects and any other audiovisual material on a tape or a computer file. To edit a video is simply to MANIPULATE it, that is, to join some images to others, eliminating some, enlarging or reducing others already edited, incorporating music and sound, digital effects, titles and any other material.
      That can be done with bad intentions. It is a way of cheating.
      Well, brothers, the idea is this.
      FIRST, I have no doubt that apostates are human beings. But, that is precisely his unforgivable sin. Because if they were pigs or literal dogs as the Bible calls them, they would have some mercy from Jehovah. Now, they are intentionally sinning against the holy spirit, by attacking the holy people of Jehovah.
      SECOND, everything, absolutely everything that these people do, aims to slander, blaspheme and lie against our people. Proverbs 18:48 says that "the mouth of the wicked causes bad things to bubble up." And Psalm 35:20 says: "For it is not peace that they speak, but against the quiet of the earth things of deceit are still plotting."
      THIRD, the video in question is EDITED. It is not a continuous image, but it is formed by different cuts, attached to each other at the will of the person who recorded it. Does that matter a lot? You are right. Because it raises unanswered questions, such as where is it that the brother takes the bottles with his hands? Where is it that the brother goes with his cart and the 8, 10 or 12 bottles (depending on who tells the story) to the box and pays them? Where do you see that the cart that the brother of the store takes out, carries those bottles?
      Moreover, my brothers, let us suppose that Brother Morris really buys a few bottles of whiskey. Do we know its final use? Is it for your own consumption or is it for the Bethel house, where many guests are received among travelers, Bethelites, volunteers, civil authorities, etc., etc.? The hypocrites will say that we can not drink alcohol. That is false, I can drink the wine or the liquor that the Bible authorizes me, without the excess that leads to drunkenness.
      But there are even the hyper-hypocrite people who accuse the brother of spending the money that the "poor little" brothers donate in the contribution boxes of the whole world. And who knows what is paid in cash? Where is the teller's testimony telling us the amount paid? Who claims that Brother Morris paid with Bethel money or did it out of his own pocket? Many may not know, but we have brothers who were millionaires before leaving their businesses and keep monthly revenues to devote exclusively to the Kingdom. But the hypocrite will say that they make a vow of poverty and of course, according to them, that means becoming hermits, wearing sacks and asking for alms in the streets.
      Finally, those who have fewer neurons in their heads, wonder how it is that the brother was not preaching on Saturday morning. You have to have your face like the flint to demand from US accounts of how we direct our spiritual life. I do not intend to answer that stupidity, considering how the faithful slave dedicates 100% of their lives to serving the entire community of witnesses.
      I'm sure they read these apostates, simple people to whom it's easy to cheat. Let's see if your mind manages to assimilate these words: Whatever you do, say what you say, you can spend the rest of your sad lives plotting, make the videos that you like, slander what you like, deceive those who are like you .. .... but LIVE GOD, you will never get the attention of the world Jehovah's Witness community. You are indifferent to us. We know that the hour of your punishment is approaching and we are moving away from you lest we spill your blood. It is true that some "presumed witnesses" pay attention to you, even cowards who remain in the congregations betraying their brothers without being discovered.
      1 John 2:19 says: They came out from among us, but they were not of our kind; because if they had been of our class, they would have stayed with us. But [they left], so that it would be shown clearly that not everyone is of our class
      Few words to say. It is more of the same. YOU DO NOT READ, NEITHER LOOK, NEITHER HEAR, nothing that comes from our opponents. They take refuge in what we are forbidden by Jehovah, to speak to them and that is why they speak in the desert, boasting that because we do not answer them, they are right. Stupid, the youngest of the witnesses would sweep you off the map, with the biblical arguments that we have. The great tribulation is prepared. Everyone that the angels catch in contact with this hybrid apostate offspring will be dead. I call them hybrids because they come from the union of two individuals of the same genus but different species, humans and demons.

    • By Judith Sweeney
      It is no big deal.  At least he knows the best Scotches....:)    Nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks.   I imagine that he could use some relaxation from all of the pressure.     Geesh, people need to Get Busy....yeah, the new "GB"  get busy!  Clean the yard...mop the floor...better yet...LOOK IN THE MIRROR!
    • By The Librarian
      Born: 1950-
      Location: ?
      “Tony” Morris as his friends call him 
      Part of a series about:
      Served in a medical capacity at Long Binh in the Vietnam War 1968-1970 (discussed in one of his talks) (Link here when we find it)
      Studied with Jehovah's Witnesses and subsequently baptized in 1970.
      He married his wife Susan who is Irish. (year ?)
      Was in full-time service from 1971-74, then raised two sons (Jesse and Paul) and resumed full-time service in 1979.
      He served in the circuit work and went to Patterson in 2002.
      He has two sons (Jesse and Paul) both reportedly serving in Bethel. Appointed to work in the Service Dept. and served as a helper to the Service Committee of the Governing Body. (as one of the "Nethinim" in 1992 and reportedly even wrote that article while serving in the writing dept.)
      Announcement of his appointment to the Governing Body was made on August 24, 2005 

      Once commented regarding the Society that "We tried running a loose ship [in the 70's], and it didn't work."
      Anthony Morris expressed his views on tight jeans in Rome Italy - January 2014
      The Real Armageddon - Why? When?
      In 2019 he was caught up in a controversy over his buying lots of expensive hard liquor at a liquor store.

      Talks by Anthony Morris III (on the first wiki)

      In one video I saw, Anthony Morris III makes the comment "I come from a wealthy family, you all know that". Does anyone know who this family is? What is their business? Where does such wealth come from?

      Related items;
      US Branch Visit - Saturday November 8, 2014
      Comments on Ireland's Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage - June 2015 
    • By Jack Ryan
      Video removed from Youtube.
      Scroll down for another copy.
    • By Jack Ryan
      JW.org Wiki - Homosexuality.mp4
      This talk was from a Zone Visit in Italy around 2014
      See also:
    • By Jack Ryan
      This is a common question from the public.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Discurso Anthony Morris III-Organizados para hacer la voluntad de Dios.pdf
    • By Jack Ryan
      He is a current member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses 
      Anthony Morris on Ireland Gay Marriage Vote (HD).mp4
    • By io.porog
      July 2015

      Note: These posts are for the purpose of indexing JW Broadcasting Program Parts for easy access and look up on this site, as JW Broadcasting does not yet have a search function. Most parts have been linked directly to the video for that part, for easy access. You may like to use these links for personal or family study. Enjoy!

      Presenter: Bro. Anthony Morris III GB

      Translation: Namibia RTO Dedication report Length 5:22 mins

      Theme Talk: “Jehovah’s Servants Will Be Persecuted” Length 22: 53 mins

      Enduring Trials: Sis. Aynura“With Jehovah, I Am Not Alone” Length 6:18 mins

      Truth Transforms Lives: Sis. Kimiko Nakagawa “Love Convinced the Saul of Sado” Length 7:14 mins

      Discussion: Child Abuse Length (approx) 8 mins

      Become Jehovah’s Friend: Protect Your Children Length 1:52 mins

      Apply Bible Principles: Choosing a Career With Eternal Future Length 4:58 mins

      Truth Transforms Lives: Bro. Michael Lemoine “I Put the Truth On Trial” Length 7:16 mins

      Original Song: Glad I Passed the Test Length 2:22 mins

      Closing Video: Mahaut & Marie-Galante Congregations, Dominica

      Full Length 1:09:03 mins

      *Full length time includes intermediary comments

    • By Jack Ryan
      Phillip Morris Company is now called Altria, Inc.

      I saw this thread on Facebook and would like to know the truth.

    • By Jack Ryan
      Is this how Jesus would speak about one of his dear sisters? Or does he sound more like a Pharisee?
      See also:

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