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During the war, Argentinian President Juan Peron, pictured with his wife Eva in Buenos Aires

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During the war, Argentinian President Juan Peron, pictured with his wife Eva in Buenos Aires in 1950, sold 10,000 blank Argentine passports to ODESSA - the organisation set up to protect former SS men in the event of defeat.

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The Vatican 1933 Concordat, signed July 20, 1933 by Cardinal Pacelli, Vatican Secretary of State (Papel Nuncio), was a "Holy Covenant" between the Vatican and the Third Reich, stipulating that in Germany and German controlled lands, the Catholic Church would be the ONLY officially approved Church ... and the Nazi Party would be the ONLY official political party of German Catholics.

Before the Church could appoint any clergy, they had to be vetted and approved by the Nazi Party.

Later, during WWII, Cardinal Pacelli became Pope Pius XII and was referred to as "Hitler's Pope".

During the times of the Vietnam war, a NY play about this was produced called "The Deputy", which sparked rioting and protests.

In the mutual quest to control the world, The "Universal" wannabe Catholic Church "bet on the wrong horse"


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