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How to abstain from blood

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Ha - that's a good one.

We need to look at from God's statements to us Humans.  Jehovah could have chosen the Ear to be holy and to abstain from people's ears.  Or eyeballs.  Well - we know that's ridiculous.  BUT - Jehovah views our life in a particular way.  Blood is what keeps one alive.  That is the internal tissue we cannot change.  What we take in externally (Food, Air...) keeps the LIFE in us  (Blood) working to keep us alive.

So if I tear your ear off - you still can live.  Chop off a leg or arm - you can still live. BUT - Remove the Blood we do not live!

For ancient ones of God who were like big children - who tossed stones at people for their temper / anger.  They HAD to learn LIFE = Sacred.  So - to teach us this, Blood must be considered Sacred in all cases.

(Genesis 9:4) . . .Only flesh with its life—its blood—you must not eat.

No would one die if they ate blood?  No.  But it's the principle of Life we need to learn.

Your blood is Your Life.  I can't touch your blood.  I must respect your blood.  Is donating blood risky?  Very rarely, but could cause Anemia, which could lead to passing out, perhaps falling and harming one self.  BUT - that's a long shot.

(Leviticus 17:14) . . .For the life of every sort of flesh is its blood, because the life is in it. Consequently, I said to the Israelites: “You must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh because the life of every sort of flesh is its blood.. . .

This law would help followers to Respect Life!  Thus why even Kind David didn't drink the water (2 Sam. 23) - amazing his response:

(2 Samuel 23:17) . . .Should I drink the blood of the men going at the risk of their lives?. . .

It wasn't Blood - but it was the point They Risked Their Lives!  He needed to make a statement.  If he did drink - it would have moved others to risk their lives.

Great Question


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Hi, please consider this answer :

LIFE is closely associated with blood. It is the blood that transports needed nourishment and oxygen to all parts of the body, and carries away the waste products. Blood being so intimately involved in the life processes, the “soul” or life of a creature is referred to in the Bible as being “in the blood.”—

    Hello guest!

Since life is sacred, blood is also sacred. Respect for the sanctity of blood is therefore respect for life. The Giver of life, Jehovah God, has laid command upon mankind to respect life, including that of animals. When he permitted Noah and his family to add flesh to their diet, he stated: “Every moving animal that is alive may serve as food for you. As in the case of green vegetation, I do give it all to you. Only flesh with its soul—its blood—you must not eat.” (

    Hello guest!
) Having descended from Noah through his three sons, all of us are under that command.

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19 minutes ago, Jasper1375 said:

So if I tear your ear off - you still can live.  Chop off a leg or arm - you can still live.

haha, this reminds on old one - better to be live dog than dead lion. But dog will never be a lion, he will have dog's life :))) and that is ok so far as you consider yourself what you are - a dog, but problems can come at the moment when dog consider self to be a lion (with or without leg .... of course it would be easier with all legs)   

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My personal opinion, i think the closed circuit blood rule is a bit too extreme.... i will be more than happy to use my own blood stored in blood bags for surgery.

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On 4/13/2019 at 9:12 AM, Matthew9969 said:

I was just wondering, how can anyone abstain from blood when their bodies are full of it?

That's kind of a baseless question.

The blood that flows in your body is in you, your own blood. The context of what is said in the Bible is to abstain from blood be it from living things, i.e. man or beast, in addition, blood is life. It should not be consumed and or anything that allows such to be part of you in any way.

In this sense, one must not take in blood, likewise to some of the religious, even the non-religious follows this regarding certain folks. The people from the country of one of my parents would not give or receive because they take abstaining from blood very seriously for cultural reasons, and if religious, religious reasons, and a list of other things.

That being said, the only blood that is of high importance is that of the Lord, and what it signifies.

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