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Quote from an elder spoken on stage a few minutes ago

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“If Jehovah protected every single one of his servants from any and all hardship at all times, what would satan say? That we only serve Jehovah because he makes our lives easy.”

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It might be possible that God will protect a person is He wants to, but as for God protecting JW's as a group then no way.

I knew an older 'brother' whose wife died because she refused to have a blood transfusion. He was very upset at his loss.

Then a few years later the same older brother's son died whilst riding a motorbike home from a JW assembly. 

The dear old brother was at a total loss. Probably for comfort, i don't know, but the old brother remarried. She was a 'lady of colour' from America, a nice friendly lady. But the marriage didn't last long. 

The old brother's other son who had been a ministerial servant, left the JW Org under strange circumstances it seems. I always wanted to go visit that young lad but was basically told not to, and as I don't know his exact address then I could not go there alone.

So that is one poor old brother that lost his first wife, his oldest son, and his younger son, so I've been told, has had a nervous breakdown. 

Only his daughter remain as a JW.................  So it seems that God does not 'help' or 'protect' JW's. 



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