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I was looking for some tax papers today, and found a stack of about 500 pages in my own filing cabinets. These were items from Brooklyn Bethel that I hadn't looked at in nearly 40 years. Thought someone else might get a kick out of them before I toss most of them out. One includes a first draft example of an actual assignment given to someone who worked alongside the Writing Department but who was not actually in that Department. I thought it might give some insight to the types of assignments that a "junior researcher" might get back in those days. It's also seems so odd now that we had filing cabinets filled with clippings, photos, and unused articles and experiences back before the days of scanners and pdfs.

One two-page bit of correspondence was for someone asking about alternative medicines, quartz, Native American herbs, etc. I'll include that one first.


I'd say more, but I just heard that Notre Dame in Paris is burning, and must get back to my taxes.

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I have many, many times shared Bro. Swingle's opinion that " ..if the lives of actual people were brought more into the write-up" it would carry more power.

Intellectual integrity naturally intrinsically generates good journalism, and answers the questions "who, what, when, where, and how much" .... and sometimes "why", which is the most important.

For me, "Bob and Alice, pioneers in a city in Estonia  ..... " .... just does not cut it for me.

If it cannot be independently checked ... it didn't happen ... is bad journalism ... and lacks intellectual integrity ... AND IS NOT WORTHY OF BEING BELIEVED!!

... and should NOT be believed at face value.

... The stuff Novels are made of.

I find it completely amazing that adults putting out a publication of global scope .... ignore principles that I was taught in the 7th grade English class, and are still true and valid today.



..... sigh ....



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To read and find out the experiences of other people have great value.

However, this may become a problem if the solution to some of the life situations, that somebody has achieved, wishes to imitate in full or in full imagined detail (details that are not known to anyone who read the article).

Another issue, even bigger, arises when publisher's article tries to direct his readers to the idea how this is the way. And how that process of attempts to act, in similar or the same  way, would be blessed by God.

And as more dangerous is idea, how exactly this way is the only right way.

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5 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

For me, "Bob and Alice, pioneers in a city in Estonia  ..... " .... just does not cut it for me.

Very well. Bob and Alice Goodenov, pioneers in a city in Estonia, caught the two Russian journalists, actually named people, so you know they are credible, recording a congregation meeting to see if there was any way they could rearrange things to make JWs look nuts, and blew them into Estonian intelligence, who banned them for five years.


Another way to look at it is that it is the play that the HQ brothers are following, not the actors in the play. You don’t have to know the names of the actors to follow the play. It can even be a distraction if you do.

Best regards,

One person who writes in the United States 

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5 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

Very well. Bob and Alice Goodenov, pioneers in a city in Estonia, caught the two Russian journalists, actually named people,

I have it on good authority that the two Russian Journalists were Boris and Natasha Badenov, working under the direction of those notorious American rascals, Moose and Squirrel.

When you see a flying squirrel, and a moose pulling a rabbit out of a hat ... always suspect there may actually be a Russian Bear in the hat.


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These historic letters are very interesting ... please share more.

I especially enjoyed the first one ... excellent, balanced advice re alternative health treatments.

Many in the congregation today are not following this council ... esp those into herbal and

holistic medicine!




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13 hours ago, BillyTheKid46 said:

To me, this is exactly as it looks. A Bethel Member stealing unauthorized material from Bethel. Perhaps in the hope of someday using it against the Watchtower, somehow.

LOL. I'm always happy to address a challenge. In this case you have claimed that I stole unauthorized material, perhaps hoping to use it against the Watchtower, somehow.

I did not steal anything. And I'm not sure what would make certain material "unauthorized." I suppose you could argue that only material that was published in our publications was authorized. But does that mean that everything else that any Bethelite saved or collected must be destroyed? Really?

Also, this first letter I shared actually went out to a sister and was therefore "published" (with only minor alterations) and the material was reused for future letters on the topic. I have three letters from Governing Body members that were written to me personally. Should I destroy them? One was a letter of recommendation to help me get a secular job after I left Bethel. Do you really think we should be ashamed of or hide anything that goes on behind the scenes at Bethel? You think that we shouldn't talk about any of these things, or that we shouldn't share anything that was written?

You appear to be afraid that this material I saved could be used against the Watchtower, somehow. Anything that I kept, I saved out of a spirit of appreciation for the experience I had at Bethel, which was a wonderful experience. I wanted to remember it and I kept things that would help me remember it. If I had wanted to find a way to use them against the Watchtower, I don't think I would have waited about 40 years to share them.

I admit that I have also shared experiences from Bethel that we could (and should) learn from. Even a negative experience could be profitable to others. I find that most people hold back on this count because they think that certain types of negative experiences cannot be profitable to anyone. This flies in face of scripture. Did Paul hold back from telling the Galatians and Corinthians about negative experiences? Did Jesus hold back? Did not Paul say we should be imitators of Paul himself?

(Acts 20:20) while I did not hold back from telling you any of the things that were profitable . . .

(1 Corinthians 10:6-12) . . .Now these things became examples for us, in order for us not to desire injurious things, as they desired them. 7 Neither become idolaters, as some of them did; just as it is written: “The people sat down to eat and drink. Then they got up to have a good time.” 8 Neither let us practice sexual immorality, as some of them committed sexual immorality, . . .  11 Now these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for a warning to us upon whom the ends of the systems of things have come. 12 So let the one who thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall.

(1 Corinthians 4:14-5:6) 14 I am writing these things, not to put you to shame, but to admonish you as my beloved children. . . .  16 I urge you, therefore, become imitators of me. . . . 18 Some are puffed up with pride,. . . 5 Actually sexual immorality is reported among you, and such immorality as is not even found among the nations. . . 6 Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven ferments the whole batch of dough?

Neither Jesus nor Paul held back from sharing things that were profitable, both old and new.

(Matthew 13:51, 52) . . .” 52 Then he said to them: “That being the case, every public instructor who is taught about the Kingdom of the heavens is like a man, the master of the house, who brings out of his treasure store things both new and old.”

(Mark 4:22) . . .For there is nothing hidden that will not be exposed; nothing is carefully concealed that will not come out in the open.

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Your logic and reasoning, seen through the dark filter of Watchtower Derangement Syndrome (WDS) "the sword that cuts BOTH ways", is truly scary.

EVERYTHING we personally do, or the Society does, should be open, and transparent,  as befits holy people ....and that lends itself to reinforcing that EVERYTHING we do will be praiseworthy ... something we as individuals and as a Nation, can be proud of.

When we as a Nation (without borders or land) make mistakes, them being openly exposed, lends itself to great embarrassment ... but swift and energetic correction.

What you advocate by the application of very fine scriptures about another subject may be something to try and hypnotize with a million words and references ... but your specific  misapplication  ... in the REAL world .... lends itself to secrecy, distrust, stratification of our nation into  a nefarious clergy, and a blind laity class.

Sometimes, in the REAL world, down here where "the rubber meets the road" a person has to choose the lesser of a very large set of evils.

What I find the most scary about you, Billy, is that you would.  from everything I have seen you write, you would make a very , VERY good lawyer for the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, as what they do is actually practiced, as evidenced by court transcripts ..... not their self aggrandizing dream world.




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I just thought of an isolated example, .... If you were being held by Nazis, who had stolen and looted from the people all that they ate (as armies usually do...), would it be immoral to steal the food from them, that they stole ... to keep someone you loved alive?

I would not have a problem with that.


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Well, I still have about a dozen more such letters, 2 compete sets of Gilead class notes, talk assignments, photos, some research write-ups, some original Watchtower and Awake! artwork in various stages of completion, and a variety of notices from the Bethel Home office.

It's true don't believe that anything that went on behind the scenes at Bethel needs to remain hidden, but neither does it all need to be publicized. Revealing certain things could be unloving as it might hurt or embarrass specific living persons. But, even more it is not necessarily beneficial or loving to share all good things either. For example, I will not share entire sets of Gilead notes, even though I believe that everything taught to Gilead Students should also be available to every other Witness. But I know of Gilead Students who might feel that their privilege is somehow devalued if those who were not invited were allowed to get all the same information. Personally, I think this is an unchristian and unscriptural attitude. But, then again, most of what was taught in these particular Gilead notes is considered no longer valid doctrine anymore (a lot of Elijah class, Elisha class, Prodigal Son class, Samaritan class, Jezebel class, Ahab class, etc.). So it's really only useful for historical purposes.

For now, I'll just share a few of the more innocuous items. The next item posted will show some of the names of non-Gilead personnel involved in addressing Gilead classes. A lot of persons might have been surprised listening to a Gilead Graduation by Brother Fred Franz, and hearing him say that the graduation event was the first time he had ever met with them or addressed them.

See next post:

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10 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

I think that JWI’s intentions are obvious - to demonstrate how modern printing methods improve upon typewritten lists.

True. And such lists were plentiful . . .


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