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I didn’t know lunacy is part of a, criteria for allegations, here. That enlightens me on how your targeted audience, thinks.

However, would that same audience be so willing to rebuke your worldly attitude and posturing about your for drawn apostasy that you seem to inject into every topic?

Therefore, perhaps it's you and your targeted audience to get their heads out of the gutter and not be so quick to think as worldly people do. That just makes your action and opinion less meaningful.


Please don't insult my intelligence as you insulted my life giver.

Meanwhile, which part or parts of this definition most describe the attitude and posturing of some people here.

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No problem James. However, a flag that is lower than the one you fly on, as you and JWinsider are too obtuse to admit when you are wrong. Pride is usually the True colors of an arrogant human being that doesn’t conform to scripture but uses it in the face to gain the devil's approval.

But thanks for proving what a real attitude and posturing are into every topic so, JWinsider and his group of senseless mimes can understand the difference. I don’t recall JWinsider rebuking you for it as he attempted to use it on me. Birds of a feather, lol! 😂

However, that just proves how desperate people can be in the face of having no legitimate claim to argue against the Watchtower and its profound usage and direction solely based on the Bible. Removing things that don't personally belong to you is against that Bible standard.

How would any of you like it if someone went to your house and took something without your knowledge or permission? How would anyone like it if someone deliberately posted their home address, social security number, date of birth, credit card numbers, etc. without ones knowledge and consent? I'm positive people here would be screaming bloody murder if someone did. What's the difference in the mind of a sane person?

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Well, I still have about a dozen more such letters, 2 compete sets of Gilead class notes, talk assignments, photos, some research write-ups, some original Watchtower and Awake! artwork in various stages of completion, and a variety of notices from the Bethel Home office.

It's true don't believe that anything that went on behind the scenes at Bethel needs to remain hidden, but neither does it all need to be publicized. Revealing certain things could be unloving as it might hurt or embarrass specific living persons. But, even more it is not necessarily beneficial or loving to share all good things either. For example, I will not share entire sets of Gilead notes, even though I believe that everything taught to Gilead Students should also be available to every other Witness. But I know of Gilead Students who might feel that their privilege is somehow devalued if those who were not invited were allowed to get all the same information. Personally, I think this is an unchristian and unscriptural attitude. But, then again, most of what was taught in these particular Gilead notes is considered no longer valid doctrine anymore (a lot of Elijah class, Elisha class, Prodigal Son class, Samaritan class, Jezebel class, Ahab class, etc.). So it's really only useful for historical purposes.

For now, I'll just share a few of the more innocuous items. The next item posted will show some of the names of non-Gilead personnel involved in addressing Gilead classes. A lot of persons might have been surprised listening to a Gilead Graduation by Brother Fred Franz, and hearing him say that the graduation event was the first time he had ever met with them or addressed them.

See next post:

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Yes, I already knew why you started this post. What your true intentions are. However, you think because you are a former Bethel member somehow gives you the right to give exposure to things that you are the narrator of? That would mean, we should have 100% confidence (trust) on a man, LOL! Galatians 1:10, Acts 5:29

That might work with people that have been converted to puppets. However, with the latest post, are you implying that AllenSmith34 is on the list? Lol! 🤣

That person seemed to have had a good conscience. Why hasn’t that person been allowed to return? Can it be fear of the truth? Is that person’s attitude any different from that of James, John, and some others? Yet, they are here. Ryan uses foul language in this forum where the “Librarian” is the owner. Why doesn’t JWinsider rebuke Ryan for his filthy mouth? Too much professional courtesy, I wonder. LOL!

I would use the word egotistical. But, somehow, it will be seen as a bad word, LOL! 😏

You people are definitely a strange bunch. Especially, by telling people you speak under the banner of the Watchtower, and God’s word. LOL!



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10 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

I think that JWI’s intentions are obvious - to demonstrate how modern printing methods improve upon typewritten lists.

True. And such lists were plentiful . . .


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