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The Modern Classroom, 1960s

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Nowadays they no longer think about groups learning together. They worry more about little Johnny packing a knife or gun in the classroom.

I notice there is also no policeman standing in the corner.


the schools they ended up building looked more like prisons than this photo above.

California High Schools from back then look VERY similar to prison camps.

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In my High School, in Richmond Virginia, it was occasionally seen boys walking down the hallways with rifles, to work on them in Shop Class, usually refinishing the stocks.  Nobody thought anything about it.   In the school parking lot, pickup trucks had rifle racks in the rear truck windows, with various rifles and shotguns openly displayed during classes.   This was 1962 to 1966,

In Jr. High School, I was badly bullied because of being one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and because I was a generally objectionable person, and I wore Levis with a carpenters folding wooden ruler pocket on the right leg, and I kept a large kitchen butcher knife there, with the full handle in plain view, and after lunch, to avoid being beat up, I leaned against a wall and made a show of cleaning my finger nails with that big knife.   The teachers never objected, as then they could use their individual best judgement, and they knew what I was up against.

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