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Guest Indiana

What is the best way to do fasting?

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Guest Indiana

Abstaining from all food and water/juices or abstaining from all food but drinking water/juices?

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On 5/18/2019 at 8:00 PM, Guest Indiana said:

Abstaining from all food and water/juices or abstaining from all food but drinking water/juices?

If for health benefits, it would be wise to start with Intermittent Fasting, and in which domain in IF, 16/8, whereas you fast for 16 hours,l enough to baseline your insulin and autophagy (consumption of the body’s own tissue as a metabolic process occurring in starvation and certain diseases) to kick in, and after the 16 hours, you have an 8 hour eating window. So an example would be, your eating window is 2pm-9pm and your fasting window is from 10pm to 1pm (next day). If for weight loss, you must keep under a caloric deficit, meaning to not over eat calories, and you must EAT CLEAN, high fats, low carbs, not too much fruit because you will cause the fructose to go to the liver and end up storing as fat.

There is also the 20/4, also known as the Warrior's Diet, similar to 16/8, however you fast for 20 hours and your eating window is 4 hours

And lastly, there is 23/1, refereed to as OMAD, which means, One Meal A Day. You must fast for 23 hours and you have a 1 hour eating window, so you take in ALL you need in that one sitting meal.

Somethings to note, you cannot eat anything during a fast, not even a single almond and taking in calories will spike you insulin. You are limited to water, black coffee (with nothing in it and can only be consumed about 1-2 hours after waking up in the AM, ideally 9AM or 11AM) and or tea, no sugar at all. For all that is consumed must be 0 calories during the fast until that hour comes when you are in your eating window.

Water Fast is somewhat difficult whereas you only consume water for the whole day, and eat the next day.

Dry Fast is abstaining from food, water, juice, etc. This one is more on the extreme level.

16/8 and 20/4 can be done everyday, however, OMAD you can do like 1-2 a month, unless you are a veteran you can do this occasionally and or everyday. You can also integrate KETO into this too, or you can modify Intermittent Fasting, an example, turning 20/4 into 22/2, etc.

You must also be FAT ADAPTED whereas your body becomes adjusted to the changes you make when it comes to eating.

That being said, WEIGHT LOSS and FAST LOSS are 2 different things, fasting will only deal with weight loss (a LITTLE bit of fast loss if you do nothing expect the IF diet itself and that alone), for fat loss, you must do strength training and or lifting, no cardio, for fasting is taking care of the weight for you.

Remember, never fast to the point of utter starvation, it is bad for the body and ruins progress. If you really must eat, you can eat a bit early from your eating window, for example, 2pm, but you can take your first snake and or meal around 1:45pm. Also eat CLEAN, get your good nutrients from your food and your proteins because it is beneficial for building up the body as you loss weight, and work out.

I have been doing OMAD and 16/8 since high school and I am use to it, even capable of doing dry fast and or water fast if need be for once a month or two.

I also recommend taking information from these people to better understand Intermittent Fasting; better to take information from those who have done it and understand it longer, those who have far more wisdom in such compared to some of us to came much later:

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