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How many miles does a Chevrolet Bolt gain by 110V charging at home overnight?

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Agree with inefficiency of the battery powered car for the type of travel we are used to. I notice in Paris and London that a lot of parking spots have the charger hookup and they are constantly in use.

The Chevy Bolt hardly even works on standard 110v (typically 15 Amp). You need an electrician to hook up a 240v 32 Amp line just as they would for an electric dryer or electric stove. Even then it's about 25 miles for every hour, thus 8 hours would get you 200 miles. and 9.5 hours would get you the full 238 miles that it's battery can make use of before recharging.

You could only get 5 miles for every hour on a 110v. 8 hours on 110v should get you 40 miles.

(That's about the same difference between 110v and 220vas many electric dryers. They run on 220/240, but if you don't have that hookup, you can plug many models into a 110v standard plug and it will take about four times as long to dry clothes as a 240v.)

There are public DC-to-DC charging stations (for money) that can give you an additional 90 mile range in 30 minutes.

Reminds me that my youngest son built some experimental DIY solar panels which each produce about 60 Watts and keep a stack of 4 deep-cycle batteries powered in the garage. We had to use them during hurricane Sandy (and a separate outage from a tornado) for low powered items (laptops, fish tanks, lights, clocks, radios, small TVs, phone charging) but to run my refrigerator I needed a generator, and since I don't have one, I hooked up one of the two cars with an inverter and used it as a generator.

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.... let me know when they have a battery powered Airliner.

The reason the WHOLE world runs off of petroleum is the amount of calolries that are available to do work, per unit of volume, and weight.

To have the same automobile range you would need a U-Haul trailer for a battery, and the battery would cost more than the car.

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