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!?Letter Writing Campaign appealing to JWs?!

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This is very interesting.  I would imagine it would get the .org talking.  What can they say? After all, the idea came from the governing body.  🤷🏽‍♀️






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This is too much. It really is.

One year Jehovah’s Witnesses pull the world postal system’s bacon out of the fire by purchasing millions of stamps for letters to the Bear.

The next year their lunatic opposers do the same with letters to HQ!

Citizens of the world owe a huge debt to JWs. Without them, the price of a postage stamp would now be $2.30.

And the corker of it is, soon @James Thomas Rook Jr. will be firing off post after taunting post about how at Bethel they can warm themselves those cold upstate nights with boxcars full of letters to toss in the furnace!

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Since there are no emails addresses, I guess letters will have to do.  

Plot Twist: letters are a secret weapon!   LOL.  🤷🏽‍♀️

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As usual, you misunderstand everything that does not conform to you preconceived agenda.

You post had five paragraphs, which I will refer to.

TTH Mailbag.jpg

Paragraph 1:

What is too much?  It's a meaningless exclamation ... like "Son of a Gun!", which does not refer to sons, or guns.  Not really.

Paragraph 2:

In most nations, including the USA, the postal system loses money on first class mail ... and that's why the prices are always increasing, from the time when I started collecting postage stamps, and the price was 4 cents for one ounce of first class postage. They TRY to make it up on packages, but are unsuccessful.

And... 70% of international postage goes to the receiving country, via the Universal Postal Union, who keeps track of it all ...and so RUSSIA got 70% of the face value of the postage for "terminal delivery", to each individual recipient, wherever found in the Russian Federation.

They did NOT deliver 80 million letters to the addressees.  That is about 11 train boxcar loads filled to the top.  I seriously doubt that more than two hundred letters were actually read throughout the entire Russian Federation.

The Russian Federation Treasury was forwarded about $ 56 MILLION DOLLARS of the Brotherhood's hard earned money by the Universal Postal Union.  We gave our adversaries $ 56 million dollars and got NOTHING for it, except it kept JWs busy on a fantasy quest that to the the Russians looked like a sophisticated bribe, to influence their court judgements.  WONDERFUL "plausable deniability"!

Paragraph 3:

This is true:  There is nothing on this Earth that will influence the Governing Body, who well know there is nothing on this Earth that can get them to change, or get them fired. Besides, the Lawyers and Accountants are running the show now, and like English Royalty, they are just titular figureheads.

Paragraph 4:

This is total nonsense, with no basis whatsoever. What? Did you just grab that figure out of the air?

Paragraph 5:

Again, total nonsense with no basis whatsoever.  The 80 million letters went to the RUSSIAN goverment ... not Warwick Bethel, and not even the Russian Bethel, which no longer exists, having been confiscated  to the Russian State.

The return addresses on those 80 million letters were to the individual Brothers who paid for the postage .... not Kings Drive in Tuxedo Park, New York, or even Warwick.

Another completely nonsensical paragraph, having no basis in reality, and projection of your wish to somehow defend the completely indefensible, looking through rose colored eyeglasses with heart shaped frames.


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1 hour ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

As usual, you misunderstand everything that does not conform to you preconceived agenda.

You never cease to disappoint me. You are the indian gift that keeps on taking.

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