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The French Speaking Baptist Church of Stratford is now located in the former Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall at 494 Milford Point Road.

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Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 2.07.12 PM.png

The French Speaking Baptist Church of Stratford has moved into the former Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall on Milford Point Road, and has been meeting in its new location for about a month, a church official said.

Church leaders had been looking for a building in the area while renting space at the First Congregational Church on Main Street in Stratford.

Sauveur Joseph, a deacon, said the congregation is fairly new and has 60 members. The church meets from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sundays and at various times during the week for Bible study and other events.

“Our job is to spread the gospel in Stratford and Milford,” Joseph said.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses sold the building at 494 Milford Point Road to the French Speaking Baptist Church of Stratford for $400,000 in June.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation that had met on Milford Point Road merged with other congregations in Orange and Stratford, according to spokesman Bryce Hemmelgarn.

Hemmelgarn said the sale and merger is typical of what is taking place on the national level. He said the consolidation is not because of shrinking numbers but rather growing numbers of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The majority of growth has been in foreign language congregations, he said.

A study completed about five years ago indicated there was room in existing Kingdom Halls to house the growth.

Instead of buying new buildings, current halls were being looked at to incorporate other congregations, sometimes by offering different time slots.

“Evidence showed there was enough space to merge and share times,” Hemmelgarn said, adding that “full is ideal.”

Funds garnered by sales like the Milford sale are redirected to Bible and educational work in the United States and other countries, he said.

    Hello guest!

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Yes. I am warning all you miscreants. Any more shenanigans and I will kick your sorry cans to the curb. Especially you, @James Thomas Rook Jr.

For me, this was a matter of prayerfully considering and meditating on the full meaning of the 2014 talk by Brother Splane when he admitted that many teachings were all being dropped at once because they were based on an old extra-Biblical tradition of creating types and antitypes when there was no specific scriptural basis for doing so. This actually turned out to refer to literally over ONE HUNDRED teachings that we were now admitting had no scriptural basis. All at once, we were DROPPING

I believe that the illustration of the Faithful and Discreet Slave applies to the Governing Body. But I also believe that it is presumptuous for anyone to limit the meaning of the Faithful and Discreet Slave to the Governing Body. In fact, making such a claim of BEING the Faithful Slave before Jesus returns to confirm who has actually been "the faithful slave" is presumptuous, and is therefore a sign of being indiscreet. It is the very definition of being "discreet in one's own eyes." (Isai

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MEANWHILE a few hours north.....

They are building a new KH in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada | $450,000.

Part of the news:

Highlights of 2019's building permits include:

Mark Berlingieri's $6-million new Northside Volkswagen dealership at 878 Great Northern Rd.

a new $450,000 Jehovah's Witnesses religious building at 928 Second Line East

$1.5 million in interior and exterior renovations and site work at the existing New Apostolic Church at 135 Arden St.

a total of $1.3 million in Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corp. roof replacements at 55 and 90 Chapple Ave.


Read more at:

    Hello guest!


New car dealership costs $6 million, Apostolic Church renovations cost $1.5 million but brand new KH costs $450,000 due to slave labour.

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14 hours ago, Jack Ryan said:

New car dealership costs $6 million, Apostolic Church renovations cost $1.5 million but brand new KH costs $450,000 due to slave labour.

What a slime ball!

My wife and I visited the zoo today. I discovered that for their habitat, conservation, and animal protection work they make use of scads of volunteers. I gathered them together, told them they were all exploited slaves, and they all quit.

Then I went to the hospital and liberated all the slaves there. Then the libraries. Then the nursing homes. Then Meals on Wheels. It’s disgusting how these organizations use and manipulate people! Jack and I will not hear of it!

Meanwhile, a closeby KH just had a massive remodel/build for a couple hundred K or so, with the aid of both skilled and unskilled volunteers, some of whom put in many hours and some few. One of the work overseers told of a neighbor who stopped by, learned of how it had been organized, and expressed amazement. His own church had burned to the ground a few years back. It took two years to begin planning reconstruction. The rebuilt church, hired out to a contractor, of course, ultimately cost them $5 million. 

This fellow was so impressed at what the brothers had organized and at the motivating power of faith. He didn’t even once grumble about “slave labor.”

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Something is very  significant to notice. When teaching new members and old members about Idolatry and Things that are connected with paganism and false religion and similar, WT JW organization expect from members to Destroy all things that have "smell" of false religion or pagan custom. Not to sell, for example gold cross jewelry, and get money and buy food. No, not sale BUT to destroy!

And here and in other places, we see selling of "dedicated worship place for JHVH" TO RELIGION which is considered as false, demonic by GB and WT JW organization. Irony? Double standard? Or Money greed? :))  

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1 hour ago, Srecko Sostar said:


Buying and selling real estate for purposes of having buildings to meet in is just a common function of getting along in the world we live in. "Otherwise we would have to get out of the world," as Paul said.

But there have been some rather ironic "Dedication" talks by WT presidents, vice-presidents, and Governing Body members through the years. Some of these buildings were "dedicated" for one purpose, and one purpose only: to be used from that point until the Great Tribulation, and hopefully even through Armageddon as places where only true worship of Jehovah would always shine. I have a copy of a dedication talk for the old Assembly Hall in Queens NY from the 1970's, which had several of these types of references as I recall.

Some of this was 1970's "hyperbole" just like the way Rutherford dedicated Beth Sarim in San Diego for the continued use of Abraham and David after 1925, but ultimately sold it off to "worldly" persons.

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On 9/8/2019 at 5:21 PM, Jack Ryan said:

New car dealership costs $6 million, Apostolic Church renovations cost $1.5 million but brand new KH costs $450,000 due to slave labour.

Let us look at this complaint one more time so as to take in just how wicked it is. This is not to say that Jack himself is wicked, but when he posts up to ten such complaints in a single day, you have to wonder.

Historically, nothing is more noble than volunteering. Though it could all be likened to “slave labor,” no decent human being does that. Jehovah’s Witnesses are also well-known for rebuilding the homes of their brothers in times of disaster. Presumably, Jack wants to undermine this as well. At any rate, those he hangs out with certainly do.

All that remains in the following chapter of “TrueTom vs the Apostates!” is to substitute Jack for Victor:

At the home of Victor Vomidog, an alarm panel light pulsed red. Victor read the incoming feed. It was serious. Someone was saying nice things about Jehovah’s Witnesses. Instantly, he swung into action. There was not a moment to lose. He opened his door and whistled. The media came running. “Witnesses are selfish!” he cried. “They only think of themselves! Why don’t they help everyone? Why do they just do their own people?” That evening, media ran the headline: “WHY DON’T THEY HELP EVERYONE?”

But they had asked the wrong question. The headline they should have run, but didn’t, because they didn’t want to deal with the answer, was: “WHY AREN’T OTHERS DOING THE SAME?” The answer to the first question is obvious: Witness efforts consist of volunteers using their vacation time. Just how much time is the boss going to grant?

So do it yourself, Victor! Organize your own new chums! Or send your money to some mega-agency where they think Bible education is for fools. Be content to see monies frittered away on salaries, hotels, travel, retirement, health care benefits, and God knows what else! Be content to see much of what remains squandered! It’s the best you can do—embrace it! Or at least shut up about the one organization that has its act together.

The obvious solution, when it comes to disaster relief, is for others to do as Jehovah’s Witnesses do. Why have they not? There are hundreds of religions. There are atheists…aren’t you tight with them now, Victor?  Organize them, why don’t you? They all claim to be veritable gifts to freedom and humankind. Surely they can see human suffering. Why don’t they step up to the plate themselves?

They can’t. They are vested in a selfish model that runs a selfish world. Let them become Jehovah’s Witnesses and benefit from the Bible education overseen by the Governing Body, Plato’s and Sider’s dream brought to life. But if they stay where they are, they must look to their own organization or lack thereof. There’s no excuse that they should not be able to copy Witnesses. They have far more resources to draw upon. We’re not big enough to do everyone for free, and we don’t know how to run a for-pay model; we’ve no experience in that. Instead, other groups must learn how to put love into action, as we did long ago.

C’mon, Victor! If all the world needs is to ‘come together,’ then see to it! We don’t know how to do that. People without Bible education tend not to get along. You make them do it! You don’t want to, or can’t, do large-scale relief, yet you want to shoot down those who do! What a liar!

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While there was a difference between Charles Taze Russell’s understanding of the definition of the word “dedication” and “consecration” it does not diminish todays understanding by Jehovah’s witnesses that understand what an “acceptable” dedication really means.

Something the Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Governing Body have been correct to apply after 1934.

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not consider or have considered a building as consecrated ground that it cannot be moved, just like the “ark of the covenant” was, constantly; moved.

I believe Jesus action in cleansing the temple can be considered. It should be correctly understood the consecration, portion is something that should be given to any building at the time of worship.

To those wanting to learn about Jehovah’s witnesses and their “dedication” to serve Jehovah no matter where they end up? There are plenty of references in JW.org.

No one needs to accept the writings of individuals. They don’t need to accept the Watchtower. You only need, to compare and understand what Jehovah witnesses, teachings are based on to accept their doctrine. They accept Jehovah’s word, along with Christ instructions.

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For those of you who "can't handle the truth" (I know it's hard to watch the disintegration of everything you hold dear)

There is a group on here of self-righteous "JW's only" who love to segregate themselves and post paradise pictures and only think good sweet thoughts.

They like their "ears tickled"


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